Authorizing 399/499

Follow these steps if you have a student who wants to take 399/499 with you


  1. Have them fill out the contract with your guidance – contract for 399 / contract for 499; informational sheet on both courses.
    1. Credit hours are determined by how many hours they plan to work with you. Each credit hour = 3 hours of work they must do with you roughly per week.
    2. Note that students cannot do more than 6 credits across both 399 & 499 combined that count towards their major. Any credits beyond the 6 credits will count as general graduation credits and not towards the major specifically. Note that only a max of 25% of a student’s total credit hours for graduation can be pass/fail (roughly 30 credits), so have them keep that in mind as well.
    3. The section they denote in the form will correspond to the number of credits they plan to take:

                     i. 399-1 is 1 credit; 399-2 is 2 credits, etc.

         d. CRN numbers for the specific courses can be found in the scheduling system in Banner – these vary by semester, so have them pick the correct one!

2. Once the contract is completed, Mikhila Wildey will email you a copy and ask you to verify everything is correct.

3. Once you have approved the email, the student will be given a permit into the course and then an email is sento them stating that they can register for the course.

Page last modified April 19, 2023