Temporary Academic Policies for Winter 2020, Due to COVID-19


Effective date:  March 16, 2020

Faculty Senate has approved several academic policy changes for the Winter 2020 semester:

  1. The withdrawal date is extended to April 6. Emails can be used to expedite the approval process and retained as withdrawal documentation.  Students are strongly encouraged to meeting with an advisor and Financial Aid before dropping any of their classes.
  2. Faculty should provide students with feedback on their progress in an online learning environment before March 29.
  3. Modification of syllabi:  Faculty may make necessary adjustments to how they assess students’ performance, e.g. grading rubrics, assignments, exams, attendance.  Synchronous online courses should not penalize the student based on inability to attend at the scheduled time.  Modifications to the syllabus are not subject to appeal.
  4. Students' academic standing will not be lowered based on their performance before the university returns to normal operations. For example, students on probation will not be lowered to jeopardy of dismissal status based on their performance in Winter 2020 classes.

For the remaining, decisions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to approval by the unit head based upon consideration, such as:

  • if it is appropriate for the course,
  • if the instructor deems it appropriate,
  • if it affects the student’s progress toward completion,
  • if it imposes undue hardship upon the student.
  1. Students may petition to switch one or more courses to CR/NC. The request must be initiated no later than March 31 and the completed form with signatures must be received by the Registrar’s Office no later than 5 pm on April 6. The University will provide greater latitude on limitations for credit/no credit courses. Specifically, classes converted to CR/NC after March 15, 2020—and for Winter 2020 semester only--will not count towards the 10 hours maximum or toward the 25 percent maximum. https://www.gvsu.edu/cms4/asset/EFAB4AD2-A926-8D16-A5685AB71E0C7DC3/credit_no_credit_form_enabled_w20.pdf - Students must submit the completed form by March 31.
  2. When essential course objectives cannot be completed in an online environment under current circumstances and students’ progress toward graduation is not hindered, students may be assigned an incomplete until the objectives have been met. The University will provide greater latitude on limitations for incomplete courses.
  3. Where applicable and appropriate, the schedule and delivery (e.g. make-up laboratory time/instruction) may be altered in a manner that is respectful of the burden placed upon students.