City of Grand Rapids Service Groups

Cultural Services
Mission – Enhance the community’s quality of life by providing and encouraging participation in opportunities for the cultural and educational enrichment of residents’ and visitors’ lives.
Departments – Public Library and Public Museum

Fiscal Services
Mission – Responsibly plan and monitor the operating and capital financial solvency of the City; to record the assets, liabilities and all financial transactions for the proper administrative and financial management of the City on a timely basis; to provide for the most equitable distribution of property tax burden under existing law; to collect all monies due the City as prescribed by state law and the City Charter; to invest funds in a prudent manner to maximize interest earnings while meeting cash flow needs.
Departments – Assessor, Budget Office, Purchasing Office, and Income Tax

Human Resources Services
Mission – Provide quality services to City departments, employees, and citizens by maximizing the City of Grand Rapids’ greatest resource – our human resources.
Departments – Human Resources (including Labor Relations and Benefits Administration), Equal Opportunity, Opportunity Center, and Risk Management (including Occupational/Health Safety)

Management Services
Mission – Enhance the quality of the work environment, to support the needs of the employees and citizens through improved technology, communication, administrative assistance, and to provide an efficient and effective work atmosphere.
Departments – Facilities Management, Information Technology, and Motor Equipment

Planning and Computer Development Services
Mission – Enhance the enjoyment of urban living by planning, promoting and assisting in the maintenance and improvement of the City’s neighborhoods, parks, and open spaces; by providing and fostering public entertainment, recreation, and celebrations; and by providing housing opportunities and other services to maintain and improve the lives of City residents.
Departments – Community Development, Housing Development, Office of Children-Youth-Families, Neighborhood Improvement, Parks and Recreation, and Planning

Public Safety Services
Mission – Promote safety and maintenance of order within the geographical boundaries of the City of Grand Rapids through fire protection, law enforcement and legal avenues of conflict resolution.
Departments – Fire, Police, and 61st District Court

Public Works and Economic Development Services
Mission – Provide, maintain, and administer the physical infrastructure essential to the social and economic environment; and to facilitate and ensure continuously better service to the public.
Departments – Economic Development Office, Engineering, Environmental Services, Parking Services, Streets and Sanitation, Traffic Safety, and Water