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Regular Faculty Complaint Procedure

BOT 4.2.18


4.2.18 Complaint Procedure

  1. Definition of a Complaint. A complaint is defined as an issue that is not an appropriate subject for a grievance as defined in Section 4.2.16 or a matter covered by Section 2.13.4. Complaints include, but are not limited to, scheduling, location, and remuneration.
  2. Procedure. A faculty member with an issue that could become a complaint will request a meeting with the Dean within ten days after learning of the incident upon which the issue is based. If the faculty member is not satisfied with the answer of the Dean, the faculty member may file a formal written complaint as follows:

A. Step 1 - Appeal to the Dean. The faculty member will submit the complaint in writing to the Dean within ten days of the meeting or within twenty days of requesting the meeting, whichever is later. The written complaint will include the following:

  1. A statement of the complaint.
  2. A statement of the facts of the case.
  3. A timetable of events.
  4. A suggested remedy.

The written complaint may also contain any supportive materials or statements that the faculty member feels are germane to the complaint.

The Dean will schedule a conference with the faculty member submitting the complaint within five days of the receipt of the written complaint. The Dean shall issue a written response to the faculty member within five days of the conference. The response will include a summary of the conference and the decision of the Dean and the reasons for that decision.

B. Step 2 - Appeal to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. If the complaint is not resolved at Step 1, the faculty member may appeal the decision of the Dean to the Provost/Vice President within five days of the receipt of the Dean's decision. The appeal will include the written complaint as submitted and the response as issued at Step 1.  If the faculty member with a complaint so desires, they may also include a response to the Dean's response. The appeal should be sent to [email protected].

In their sole judgment, the Provost/Vice President may convene a panel of faculty to review a complaint and provide an advisory opinion to the Provost/Vice President. A copy of the complaint advanced to the Provost/Vice President will be provided to this faculty panel. The faculty panel will have twenty (20) days to review the complaint and submit its advice, in writing, to the Provost/Vice President. The faculty panel shall not investigate the matter nor interview anyone especially the faculty member who submitted the complaint.

The faculty panel will be chosen by lot from the Grievance Panel drawn by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and the Chair of the Academic Senate.  The faculty panel will be composed of one regular faculty member drawn from the same College/Library as the faculty member who submitted the complaint and two drawn from the remaining Colleges/Library.

The Provost/Vice President will review the complaint, response and may have a conference with the faculty member. The Provost/Vice President will issue a written decision within ten days of the receipt of the appeal or the receipt of the statement of advice from the faculty panel or ten days of the date of the conference with the complaining faculty member, whichever is later.