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Academic Support Units

BOT 3.1.3


3.1.3  Academic Support Units  Center for Adult and Continuing Studies The Center for Adult and Continuing Studies at the University provides educational programs and services that link the needs of lifelong learners with the resources of the University. The Center coordinates this commitment by providing academic programs and services at regional sites and locations throughout Michigan, as well as through professional development and community engagement opportunities. Dorothy A. Johnson Center for PhilanthropyThe Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy is an academic center within the College of Community and Public Service. The Center conducts applied research and offers expertise on the latest knowledge and trends in the philanthropic field. Professional development services including courses and workshops, online resources, and publications offered. The Johnson Center puts research to work, with and for professionals across the country, supporting effective philanthropy, building strong nonprofits and providing resources and data for informed community change. Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence promotes a culture of active scholarship, encourages innovation and enterprise, facilitates collaborations, and serves as an advocate for University scholarship and creative practice. The Center sponsors workshops, colloquia, lectures, and discussions. It provides help with developing a scholarly agenda, mentoring by senior faculty member, assistance in finding collaborations, opportunities for undergraduate research and scholarship, and publishing as a scholar. In addition, the Center: 1) serves as the University's central office that supports faculty and staff in the identification, development, submission and administration of externally sponsored agreements for scholarly research and creative activity, 2) oversees compliance awareness and accountability within the research culture of the University through assistance, education, and communication including activities involving human subjects, animal welfare, biohazards, and chemical safety, 3) serves as a resource for faculty, staff and students in developing technologies with commercialization  potential and coordinate efforts between industry and the University, and 4) offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research and scholarship in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty mentor. Padnos International Center. The purpose of the Padnos International Center is to organize and coordinate the University's international programs and activities; oversee international partnerships, faculty-led programs, study abroad programs, work and internship programs in other nations, international volunteer and service-learning activities; and assist in the recruitment, admission, and advising of international students. Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. The purpose of the Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center is to enhance student learning by supporting faculty members in their efforts to teach effectively. This Center promotes a scholarly approach to teaching and learning, supports reflection on professional practice, encourages growth at all career stages, and rewards innovation in teaching through conferences, workshops, retreats, mentoring programs, and teaching innovation grants program, faculty learning communities, and other initiatives. Student Academic Success CenterThe Student Academic Success Center provides a wide range of services to students, the University and the community. Services include: instructional support services, student support programs, oversight of academic standards, and assistance with University events and outreach initiatives. Instructional support services include learning skills development, degree completion support, and structured learning assistance courses. Student support programs include TRIO-Student Support Program and Oliver Wilson Freshman Academy.  The Student Academic Success Center is a partner with the Academic Review Committee and the Credit by Exam Committee for academic standards oversight.