We encourage , facilitate, and support the Grand Valley community in its scholarly pursuits. 

At Grand Valley State University, research, scholarship, and creative activity are essential components of the university’s mission as an institution of higher learning. Excellence in teaching at the university level depends upon active scholarship by faculty members. Through basic and applied research, artistic expression and performance, and other forms of scholarship, GVSU faculty members and students contribute to the development and application of knowledge, create a dynamic environment for learning, and contribute to the economic progress of the region that it serves.

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Research Integrity

Conversations in Research Integrity and Scholarship: Increasing Scholarly Productivity and Collaboration among Disciplines. This workshop is open to all faculty and students from all disciplines. Faculty or students currently working on an NIH or NSF-funded research project, or planning to submit a future grant, should attend this workshop to meet the agency’s RCR requirement. Participation fulfills requirements for both the NIH and the NSF for 4 years.


Please RVSP at www.gvsu.edu/sprout by Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

Internal Funding

Internal funding is available to initiate, maintain and disseminate scholarly and creative activities. The Research & Development Committee supports the review of the internal funding application process for funds ranging from $500 opportunity to a more substantial $10,000 interdisciplinary fund.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs serves as the university's central office that supports faculty and staff in the identification, development, submission, and administration of externally sponsored agreements for scholarly research and creative activity.

Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarhip

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research and scholarship in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty mentor.

Research Protections Program

The Research Protections Program oversees compliance awareness and accountability within the research culture of the university through assistance, education, and communication. The office is responsible for activities involving human subjects, animal welfare, biohazards, and chemical safety.

Technology Commercialization Office

The Technology Commercialization Office is a resource and partner for university faculty, staff, and students developing technologies with commercial potential. By working together, the TCO can help form productive, sometimes profitable, business relationships; we're about making connections and advancing ideas.

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