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Enrollment Development Division

BOT 11.1 - 11.2

Policy Statement

Chapter 11 Enrollment Development Division

11.1 Objective

The Enrollment Development Division is responsible to provide leadership in enrollment development and in implementing comprehensive strategies to improve student retention, academic excellence, and learning employing the use of data-driven, evidence-based enrollment decisions. Importantly the division will work to inspire others within our community to work collaboratively in achieving the university enrollment and retention goals. 

11.2 Offices

11.2.1 Admissions

The Admissions Office is responsible for all matters pertaining to dissemination of information to potential students (undergraduate and graduate level), recruitment of students, entrance requirements, promotional visits to secondary schools and community colleges, communications with prospective students and parents, campus visits, and makes recommendations concerning admissions policies and procedures. The president has ultimate responsibility for the establishment of admissions requirements for the institution. 

11.2.2  Financial Aid 

The student financial aid program brings together many sources of financial assistance and other resources to meet the needs of students in financing their educational costs. An institutional goal is equal access to educational opportunity for every qualified student seeking admission and scholarships, loans, grants, work-study, and other employment opportunities from federal and private funding sources shall be allocated based upon a sound institutional packaging philosophy. The Financial Aid Office provides software, materials, and workshops to help students develop money management skills and assist them in becoming financially literate. 

11.2.3  Information Technology 

The primary goal of Information Technology is to provide technology services and support for the university's instruction, research, administrative processes and public service mission. The unit is responsible for providing leadership and developing a vision to align informational technology services with that of the university mission to identify and inform faculty, students and staff about both current and emerging technologies that may be related to its activities. The unit also provides instruction on the uses of the technology and assists all university operations in the procurement of appropriate new information technologies. 

11.2.4  Institutional Analysis

The Office of Institutional Analysis conducts research about the university's resources, processes and outcomes. Office staff provides decision support for the Enrollment Development Division to support the university's strategic plan with outcomes and data analysis. The office serves the broader university community in its role as a repository of data about the university and its students, faculty and staff. 

11.2.5  Records and Registration

The university shall be provided with a balanced service program related to records and registration. The primary responsibilities of the records and registration function are the registration of all students, the maintenance of student academic records, the administration of transcript evaluations, residency reclassification, enrollment certifications, teacher certification, the production of management reports and enrollment statistics, graduation audits, and the protection of student rights relative to the release of personally identified information. This office is responsible for the implementation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as amended, which shall be contained in the catalog. This office will administer the policy regarding residency requirements for in-state tuition and such policy be approved by the President. 

11.2.6  Student Employment

Through the university work-student and regular employment programs, opportunities are provided to qualified students admitted to the university to work while enrolled in courses and through the summer months. It is the policy of the university to assure all qualified students the opportunity for part-time employment. The Student Employee Policy and Rate Schedule is approved by the President and published by the Financial Aid Office.