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Timecard / Timekeeping Policy

SLT 6.17

  1. Policy Statement
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Policy Statement

Timekeeping must accurately reflect all hours worked and should be recorded on a daily basis. Misrepresentation of hours worked or forgery is a violation of the law. Misrepresenting hours worked, forging a timecard, and swiping, or inputting hours for someone else may lead to immediate termination of employment.


Electronic Timekeeping
It is the responsibility of the staff member to accurately record all hours worked in the University’s timekeeping software and inform their supervisor that the hours are ready to be confirmed, or it is the responsibility of the staff member to accurately swipe their identification card in order for their supervisor to confirm their hours. If employee is unable to record or swipe their hours the Supervisor is responsible for tracking and entering those hours into the time-keeping software. All hours must be confirmed by 3:00 pm by the Supervisor on the Monday following the end of the pay period.  If employees have missing hours from a previous time pay period the supervisor will need to contact the Payroll office directly.