Kate Stoetzner

Executive Director

Executive Director
[email protected]

With more than 20 years of International Education experience, Kate Stoetzner has recently been named the Executive Director of the Padnos International Center. Her passion serves the students well as they cross borders to new experiences. She’s excited to be helping the GVSU community increase cultural competency and understanding, as well as meet professional and personal goals.

Outside of PIC, Kate enjoys traveling the globe, and spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys the Great Lakes and inland lakes of Michigan.  Her favorite Michigan activities include cheering on the mushers in the UP 200 and swimming in the summer sunshine. Outside of the US, some memorable moments have been swimming in the Red Sea, dining in the Prague Castle, and bartering at markets around the globe. 

Ehren Kuzekov


Director of Study Abroad and International Partnerships
[email protected]

  • Monitor and respond to crisis and risk management related to education abroad
  • Manage GVSU’s institutional international partnerships and represent GVSU to international partners
  • Review study abroad applications
  • Set policies for study abroad and evaluate international activities
  • Manage study abroad credit transfer process
  • Provide overall management of daily study abroad operations
  • Advise faculty, staff and students on study abroad issues and concerns

Vicki Wenger

Office Coordinator

Padnos International Center Assistant
[email protected]

Vicki Wenger, AKA Victorious VIP (Vicki in Padnos) is responsible for everything that makes PIC run!  Vicki is one of those detail-oriented people without whom an office would collapse in on itself in a matter of weeks.  Vicki enjoys working with students and the fact that every day in the office is different and unpredictable.

Vicki is passionate about physical exercise; she enjoys running, HIIT class, bike riding, hiking, anything really that gets her outdoors. She’s a frequent participant in various races; 10K, 25K and ½ Marathon. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and grandkids and long trips with her husband on their Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Vicki loves the color purple, avocados, and sunny beaches. She’s never met a vegetable she didn’t like. She is not a fan of shoes or those who fail to say please and thank you. So please say hi to Vicki on your next visit to PIC. Thank you!

Meaghann Myers-Smith

Study Abroad Advisor

Study Abroad Advisor
[email protected]

While in high school Meaghann Myers-Smith may have been voted least likely to study abroad, but in the Padnos International Center, she absolutely wins as Best Study Abroad Adviser ever. As a GVSU student, she studied in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, China and El Salvador, which turned out to be life-changing experiences. Meaghann is now the Study Abroad Adviser for the Padnos International Center; as such, she is responsible for hiring and training all of PIC’s student peer advisors, counseling all students in their choice of location, academic program and class line-up, serves as liaison to all other academic advisors across campus, coordinates the Study Abroad Fairs and other related events, organizes all program materials and information, digital and hard copy, and all advising sessions.

Meaghann says “I like that (my position) keeps me connected to young people. I also love that it’s meaningful work. Assisting students with their first journey into this big, beautiful world is incredibly rewarding! Although all experiences are unique, I like to think that study abroad is really the enemy of prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness. This is especially important when shaping the world views of people (students) who will one day likely be in positions of power.”

When not being The Best Study Abroad Adviser Ever and mentor to hundreds, she is the mother of three, fluent in Spanish as a second language, a pop culture maven (Beyonce rules) and can often be heard to ask “where are my (keys, phone, purse)?”

Alissa Lane

Outreach Coordinator

International Programs Coordinator
[email protected]

Alissa Lane’s diminutive size barely contains her ginormous personality and seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm; indeed, some suspect she has an identical twin. As PIC’s Coordinator of Marketing and Outreach, Alissa is responsible for getting our message out to the GVSU community; by effectively using social media platforms, by designing the look and feel of our publications (Global Connections), advertising, and through classroom presentations. She creates and coordinates various events, information seminars, tabling, and video production.

When she’s not busy being a dynamo here, she likes to play soccer two or three nights a week, loves writing, photography, and of course, travel and exploration. Alissa says what she likes most about her job is the chance to “help students start an adventure. Going abroad was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

Elizabeth Jawish 

Libby Jawish

Director of International Student and Scholar Services
[email protected]

  • Advocate for iStudents at GVSU and in the Community

  • Primary Immigration Advisor to F-1 and J-1 Students

  • Lead ISS Team

  • Advance services for iStudents

  • Oversee Visiting Scholars and Visiting Staff 

Andres Ortiz-Estevez

Outreach Coordinator

Coordinator International Student Services

[email protected]

  • Student Guidance and Support: Responsible for providing comprehensive support to accepted international students, covering a range of topics such as immigration, cultural adjustment, academic integration, safety, and legal matters.

  • Immigration Advice and Authorization: Offer specialized advice on immigration regulations and procedures, including guidance on work authorization through programs like Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

  • Student Advocacy and Resource Connection: Advocate on behalf of international students across campus, ensuring they have access to appropriate resources and support offices to meet their academic and personal needs.

  • Immigration Advising and Documentation: Conduct immigration advising and manage document processing as both an Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) for the J-1 program and a Designated School Official (DSO) for the F-1 program.

  • Event Planning and Student Engagement: Organize events and activities to foster student engagement and integration, including coordinating orientation sessions at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, serve as an advisor for the International Student Organization (Uniting Nations).

Kirsten Bartels

Kirsten Bartels

Faculty-Led Program Coordinator

[email protected]

  •  Assists with the development, assessment, and improvement of Faculty-Led Study-Abroad Programs;
  • Conducts pre-departure trainings and informational sessions for faculty and students;
  • Manages behind-the-scenes logistics to aid in the execution of the Programs;
  • Answers questions and assists with problem-solving including visa applications, budgets, and health insurance;
  • Renders assistance and aid as needed

Jaime Pleyte

Jaime Pleyte

Coordinator of Study Abroad and International Partnerships

[email protected]

  • Post GVSU Study Abroad Acceptance - Long Term Study Abroad Exchange and Provider Programs
  • Pre-Departure Orientations - Policies, Expectations, Cultural Adjustment, Insurance
  • Forms - Pre-Departure, Financial Aid Agreement, Study Abroad Budget, Visa Forms, external provider forms
  • Course Approvals - GVSU Course Codes, Issues, Gen Eds, Study Abroad Transcript Verification
  • Returned Student - Welcome Back Event, Work Abroad Event

Holl Miller

Holly Miller

Office Coordinator
[email protected]

  • Supports the International Student and Scholar Services Team with background work including booking rooms for events, ordering catering, and arranging meetings for the ISS team.

  • Arranges itinerary for GVSU’s International Visiting Scholars from our partner schools.

  • Serves as primary contact for our exchange partners who send students and faculty/staff to GVSU.

  • Serves as the Alternate Responsible Officer in SEVIS for J-1 students and scholars.

  • Feeds PIC team with yummy home-cooked Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.


Liz Montoya

Liz Montoya

International Student Coordinator
[email protected]

• Responsible for alumni engagement including the online network and international & domestic events.

• Serves on the Global Grand Rapids task force and supports all events and initiatives.

• Contributes to the development of programs for the Padnos International Center.

• Assists with international student orientation in the fall and winter semesters.


Kristen Cloutier

Study Abroad Coordinator

International Programs Coordinator

 [email protected]

  • Advising and coordinating for Internship and Independent Study experiences abroad.
  • Marketing, promotion, and events for Padnos International Center.
  • Management of student outreach worker and outreach tasks for PIC.

Chrissy Tyndall

Chrissy Tyndall

International Student services Coordinator

[email protected]

  • Oversee mandatory health insurance for international students
  • Manage social media for ISS
  • Update ISS webpages
  • Email correspondence with students & external partners
  • Assist with planning & leading ISS events (orientation, PEEPS, etc.)

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