Partnership Development Grant


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The purpose of the International Partnership Development Grant is to encourage and support the development of GVSU’s international partnerships at the institutional, college, and departmental levels. There is limited funding each year to support interests across campus. Priority will be given to applications that will directly benefit students through the creation of new opportunities.

Proposals of interest include:

  • Creation of dual-degree programs;
  • Virtual exchange opportunities;
  • Creation of joint research projects involving students;
  • Creation or revision of a study abroad curriculum integration plan;
  • Creation of joint online courses with faculty and students from a partner university;
  • Developing an on-going, reciprocal faculty teaching exchange with a partner university;


  1. All grant applications must show support and approval from the appropriate department head and dean.
  2. Faculty members involved in the grant request must be regular tenured or tenure-track faculty at GVSU.
  3. The unit/college must be willing to share the costs for college and departmental-level partnerships. A 50% match is required for all college or department-level partnerships.
  4. The unit/college must be willing to facilitate faculty participation in the partnership development process. The most successful proposals involve a number of colleagues who have an interest in working together on new initiatives.

The International Partnership Development Grant will not be available to single individuals interested in doing a site-visit to a partner institution.  This grant is available for collaborative efforts that further advance international partnership activities. Grants will be awarded to a particular department or college for use in program development.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until funding has been depleted. Applications should be submitted via email to: Ehren Kuzekov ([email protected])


All grants are subject to available funds. The amount of the grant award will be determined based on the types of initiatives proposed and the number of people involved in the initiative.

The total allocation of funds available for this grant program is around $8,000 per year (subject to change). Applicants are strongly encouraged to show evidence of a financial commitment on behalf of the sponsoring department/college by outlining a cost-sharing proposal.

Reminder: proposals for college or department-level partnerships will require a 50% matching contribution.


Grant recipients are required to file an expense report within 30 days following the completion of the activity or activities under the grant. Also, grant recipients must file a report on the activities of the grant within 45 days following the completion of activities. All reports must be submitted online through the Faculty/Staff Reflection website at

Failure to submit the required reports will significantly impact future funding requests submitted by the individual sponsor and/or their department.


Page last modified November 28, 2023