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Application Deadline: February 1 and October 1 

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Grand Valley State University’s Padnos International Center strongly believes in the value of meaningful cooperative partnerships with institutions abroad.  In an effort to support activities at GVSU’s partner institutions, this grant program has been developed for faculty and staff in our community.  The Faculty/Staff Exchange Program offers short-term exchange opportunities to tenured, tenure-track, or full-time affiliate faculty; A/P staff; and PSS/Maintenance staff. Funding will support up to 4 grants per year.  Distribution targets are as follows:  up to (2) faculty grants and up to (2) staff grants.  

Proposals of interest include:

  • Inviting a colleague from a partner university to visit GVSU
  • Creation of a virtual exchange 
  • Travel funds to support a GV faculty or staff person visiting one of our partnerships
  • Creation or revision of a study abroad curriculum integration plan
  • Creation of on-going, reciprocal faculty teaching exchanges (short or semester-long)
  • Joint research projects that involve students in research abroad
  • Creation of international dual-degree programs
  • Creation of activities that involve students, staff and scholars in educational and cultural exchange activities


Contact Ehren Kuzekov ([email protected])

What’s New?

The Padnos International Center is continuing to seek grant applications for activities/projects that will make significant contributions to GVSU’s international partnerships and create new opportunities for members of the GVSU community. All applications must connect to the internationalization or strategic plans of their unit, college, or division.

PIC now asks faculty and staff grant recipients to meet with the local Education USA offices in the cities they will be traveling to.

PIC strongly encourages applicants to participate in seminars available through the Division of Inclusion and Equity, in preparation for a faculty/staff exchange experience, and/or after return as on-going professional development. 

Padnos International Center Mission

To engage the University community in meaningful international experiences which foster an appreciation and awareness of diverse cultures, people and ideas.

Program Goals

  1. To strengthen the relationship between academic departments and administrative units at GVSU and GVSU’s international partners.
  2. To further the exchange program activities through a project that is of mutual benefit to GVSU & the partner institution, with emphasis on benefits to students and GVSU.
  3. To support the University’s internationalization efforts by directly impacting the department/unit in which you work or the classes that you teach.
  4. To increase the number of GVSU students studying abroad.
  5. Deepen your understanding of the host culture.
  6. Increase opportunities to further develop intercultural communication skills.

Emphasis should be placed on the integration/collaboration with GVSU activities; recruitment of exchange students (both incoming and outgoing); creative project development involving departments at both universities; and online collaboration for academic and administrative endeavors.  Projects are limited only by our creativity, although all proposals must meet the programmatic goals.

This program is intended to increase the number of GVSU faculty and staff involved and committed to the international mission of the University and serves as an example of the University’s commitment to professional development.  It is the expectation that all efforts have a positive impact on the international activities at GVSU.  

Criteria for Application

Applicants must: 

  1. Be full-time, tenured, tenure-track or affiliate faculty member; full-time, A/P staff; or full-time PSS/Maintenance staff. Faculty members in phased retirement should have a minimum of 2 years remaining on their contract at the time of application.
  2. Submit a proposal that is of benefit to both universities, with emphasis on the impact at GVSU.
  3. Describe in detail your unit’s internationalization plan and how your proposal will contribute to the achievement of your unit’s goals.
  4. Demonstrate specific commitment to GVSU’s international mission by describing your past involvement in international activities such as: helping new international students acclimate to GVSU’s campus, participating in “Fit the Mitt,” hosting international visitors, advising students on study abroad opportunities, or other relevant experiences.
  5. Provide written support for the project from your unit head, supervisor or dean.
  6. Be willing to participate in seminars offered by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

Application Process

  1. If Faculty, A/P staff or PSS/Maintenance staff, discuss your project concept with PIC (x3898), who will ascertain its feasibility at the proposed site. 
  2. Complete the application and submit to the Padnos International Center by the designated application deadline.  Applications can be obtained by visiting our website at www.gvsu.edu/pic
  3. Deadline for application is: October 1 and February 1
  4. The committee will review applications following the deadline.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to apply regardless of previous international experience.  However, preference in the selection process will be given to faculty and staff who have a track record of success in delivering on commitments that result in sustainable activities. Preference will also be given to proposals that show evidence of cost-sharing from their unit.

Implementation of Proposed Projects

If your proposal is selected for funding, you will work with PIC staff on establishing relevant contacts at the partner institution, if needed.  You will be responsible for creating your own itinerary and making appropriate arrangements to accomplish the goals outlined in your proposal.  

In preparation for this experience, PIC strongly encourages grant applicants to participate in the various learning and development opportunities provided by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.  The professional development opportunities available through the Division of Inclusion and Equity serve as an outstanding resource for pre-departure preparation and complement the programmatic goals of the Faculty/Staff Exchange Program.


Grant awards will be determined based on the host institution you will be working with and the purpose of the proposal. Grant amounts will range from $1500-$3500 and will be based on 5 days in the host country.  Expenses associated with entertainment, personal activities, and excursions outside of the visit to the partner should be budgeted for separately and will not be covered by this grant.

Inviting a colleague to GVSU

If you are inviting a colleague from our partner university to visit GVSU, the grant will cover airfare, meal card for meals on-campus, and/or funds for hosting meals with our guest. Provided space is available, PIC can reserve a room in the GVSU visiting scholar apartment free of charge. If the visiting scholar apartment is booked during the preferred dates of the visit, grant funds can be used to cover housing expenses.

Traveling to a Partner Institution

If you are proposing to travel to a partner institution, the grant will cover expenses associated with international travel, in-country travel (appropriate to your proposed plans), accommodations, and a per diem meal stipend.

Upon Return

Grant recipients will be required to submit a report on the grant activity at the time the request for reimbursement is submitted (within 30 days of your return).  Reimbursement will not be processed without the report. 

File Your Report

Upon your return, you will be required to submit a final report of your activities.  You will be asked to upload your report to the PIC website and provide a brief description of your activities. Your full report should include plans for sustaining your initiative, an outline of important contacts made, a review of goals that were accomplished, any information that would be helpful to future participants and plans you have to share your experience with others in the GVSU community.  

Serve as a Contact

Grantees should be prepared to serve as a contact for future participants and prepare brief reflections about the visit that can be used in publications. These reflections could be used to help the campus community learn about the partner university and the host country. 

Future Partnership Activities

The Padnos International Center would also like to invite your participation in future activities associated with GVSU’s international partnerships.  This may include hosting visitors from our partner institutions, assisting with student orientations, and/or serving as a mentor to new exchange students studying at GVSU.

We cannot stress enough the importance of sharing your experiences with the GVSU community.  To discuss ways in which you can share your experiences with others, please contact the Padnos International Center. 

International Partnerships

The following is a list of GVSU’s international partnerships that involve a faculty/staff exchange component in the signed agreement.


Macquarie University

Since 1998, GVSU and Macquarie University (MU) have been partnering on various activities including faculty-led programs, student and scholar exchanges.  Each year GVSU sends approximately 6-8 students to Macquarie for a semester abroad.   MU offers a wide range of curricular options and is the host to hundreds of international students each year.  


University of the Sunshine Coast

Established in 2005, the relationship with the University of the Sunshine Coast offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in meaningful educational exchanges.  The University hosts three faculties including: Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Science.  There are opportunities for GVSU constituents to learn about Australian society from a historical, environmental, geographical, business, social and literary perspectives.  To learn more about the University of the Sunshine Coast visit the website at www.usc.edu.au


Universidad del Bio-Bio

Universidad del Bio-Bio is GVSU’s first partner in South America. The courses available through this program are all taught in Spanish, with the exception of courses taught in the English Department.  This is an exciting opportunity for GV students to take courses in Spanish with Chilean students.  The Universidad del Bio-Bio offers programs in natural sciences, chemistry, visual communications, education, information systems, history, arts and literature, business management, health sciences, mathematics and more. 


Proposals of particular interest for this program include short and semester-long teaching exchanges. UBB is interested in receiving proposals from faculty who would like to teach in either English or Spanish at UBB.


East China Normal University

Signed in 1999, East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, China has been working with GVSU on a variety of collaborative projects involving student and scholar exchanges.  In addition to the exchange program between our institutions, ECNU has served as the host of GVSU’s China Summer School.  In 2006, ECNU was selected to participate in the Chinese government’s “985 Project” which is meant to further develop Chinese universities into world-renowned institutions of higher learning.  Students interested in this program will primarily study Chinese language and culture.  There are few courses taught in English, although the number increases each year.  ECNU has a wide range of areas open to faculty and staff exchanges. https://www.ecnu.edu.cn                                                   


Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA)

ESSCA was established many years ago through the Seidman College of Business.  This program has offered a rewarding experience to students from both GVSU and ESSCA.  Each fall semester, GVSU hosts students from ESSCA and students from GVSU are able to attend programs available through ESSCA in either France or in Hungary.  This program welcomes proposals for a visiting scholar positions at ESSCA. 


l’Université Catholique de L’Ouest (UCO)

Signed in 2005, the l’Université Catholique de L’Ouest in Angers, France offers opportunities for students to take French language courses through the CIDEF program or take courses with French students through regular university courses.  The University offers a wide-range of curricular options and welcomes faculty and staff collaborative projects.  https://www.uco.fr


University of Cape Coast (UCC)

Signed in 2002, the University of Cape Coast offers a wide range of curricular offerings comparable to offerings at GVSU.  The vast majority of student participants study African studies and apply the courses to their general education requirements.  This has been an extremely successful model for student participants of this program.  The collaboration between our institutions has resulted in over 60 student exchanges and more than 60 faculty and staff exchanges from across disciplines and departments.  https://www.ucc.edu.gh


International Christian University (ICU)

First signed in 1974, the partnership with ICU focuses primarily on the exchange of students.  ICU has three principle commitments in its mission: academic, Christian, and international and focuses on liberal arts education.  It is organized into six divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Languages, Education, International Studies, and Graduate School. ICU has been an outstanding partner for GVSU over the years and welcomes proposals for new initiatives that will benefit students from both institutions. https://www.icu.ac.jp

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

Signed in 2008, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University offers opportunities for students to study Asian Studies with a focus on international relations, sociology and regional studies.  APU offers a very diverse student body with students from over 80 countries.  APU is located in a very unique place on the island of Kyushu, and is known for its geothermal hot spots and onsen.



Universidad de las Americas - Puebla

Signed in 1997, the agreement with the Universidad de las Americas – Puebla offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff.  UDLA is a private university in Puebla and offers excellent educational opportunities for students to improve their Spanish or take courses in English.  UDLA offers a wide range of curricular options and welcomes proposals from interested faculty and staff. 



Cracow University of Economics

Founded in 1975, the exchange with Cracow University of Economics (CUE) in Poland has focused on semester student exchanges; short-term, faculty-led group programs; and faculty exchanges.  A variety of cooperative ventures have taken place over the years that have resulted in many  .  During the Fall semester, GVSU receives faculty from the university for research purposes.  CUE will cover housing while in Cracow, dates are subject to approval.



Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Signed in 2008, SeoulTech is one of South Korea’s national universities.  It offers courses in English in business, ceramics, engineering, computer science and information systems.  Institutionally, SeoulTech offers a wide range of curricular options for faculty and students to explore.  SeoulTech welcomes proposals for faculty and staff exchanges.  https://www.seoultech.ac.kr   


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Signed in 2014, UC3M is one of the six public universities in Madrid. GVSU students will primarily take courses in English with local students and other international students. In addition to courses in English, students can elect to take Spanish language courses through the UC3M  Language Center. UC3M is open to all majors, and offers opportunities from a variety of academic areas.  


Universidad de Deusto

GVSU and the University of Deusto have been partners for many years. Prior to 2015, GVSU students participated in the University of Deusto’s Spanish Language Center (CIDE). The program has now expanded to include exchange students who will attend regular University of Deusto classes with their Spanish counterparts. The Spanish Language Center will still serve as the primary study abroad program through this institution; however, the expansion allows for one student a year to have a full immersion in a Spanish university. The agreement also encourages faculty and staff collaborations across a variety of disciplines.



National Taiwan Normal University

Signed in 2008, NTNU is a comprehensive university in Taipei, Taiwan.  GVSU students will primarily take courses in the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) located on the main campus in Taipei.  The MTC offers courses a variety of courses focusing on the language and culture of Taiwan.  NTNU is open to exchange opportunities from all academic areas and encourages faculty and staff exchanges.



Middle East Technical University

Signed in April 2005, METU is one of Turkey’s premier institutions of higher learning.  METU offers a wide-range of curricular topics for students to choose from with courses taught in English.  This agreement supports the exchange of students, faculty and staff.  METU attaches great importance to the strengthening of international academic exchange and cooperation.  In addition to the over 70 international partnership agreements, METU also serves as the host to over 900 international students from 65 countries.  For more information about this program, visit the website at https://www.metu.edu.tr.  


DeMontfort University

First signed in 2020, DeMontfort University is one of GVSU's newest international partnerships. Located in Leicester, DMU is eager to collaborate with GVSU on a wide range of activities for faculty, staff and students. DMU offers a wide range of curricular options. Additional information can be found on their website at:  De Montfort University (dmu.ac.uk)

Kingston University

First signed in 1987, the Kingston Exchange Program has been one of GVSU’s most active partners in developing opportunities for the exchange of students, faculty, and staff.  The diversity of past collaborative projects has created a vast network of collegial connections between our institutions.  Proposals focused on evaluating curricular compatibility are of particular interest given recent major changes that have been implemented throughout the entire KU curriculum.



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