There are many options for you to watch and participate in sporting events in and around Grand Rapids. Cost and availability will depend on the type of sport and the level you want to see/play. Some of the more professional teams play a few hours away and tickets cost tends to be higher. Local teams are easily accessible in Grand Rapids and are more affordable. 

If you want to play….

Intramural Sports are one option if you want to play sports while at GVSU. You can sign up with a team or as an individual and they will place you on a team. You must register and follow the schedule they have posted. Games are held at GVSU and referees are provided where needed. These events are mostly for fun with various skill levels welcome. GVSU's intramural website provides information on rules, registration, and schedules. Available sports include: volleyball, badminton, field hockey, flag football, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, golf scramble, and basketball.

Club Sports: GVSU students like to participate in a wide variety of sports. Several clubs exist for sports which are not a part of the GVSU Athletics schedule.
They include but are not limited to:
Table Tennis
Vertical Earth (rock climbing)

If you want to watch…..


GVSU Football- Most Saturdays during the fall. Home games are free to students with your GVSU I.D. card. Website

GVSU Athletics: We proudly support baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, volleyball, tennis, soccer, swim & dive, and track & field.  For a full list of sports and their schedules go to the GVSU Athletics website and click on Sports. Website

Sports Outside of GVSU

Griffins Hockey- Games take place at the Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids. Home games happen midweek through the weekend Check the schedule for games. Tickets can be bought at the game or online. Website

Redwings Hockey- The Redwings are Michigan's National Hockey League professional team. Games take place in Detroit (3hr drive). Tickets should be purchased online in advance as entry is not guaranteed otherwise. Parking and driving in Detroit can require some advanced planning. Carpooling or Busing options are recommended. Website

Whitecaps Baseball- Grand Rapid's local minor league team. Tickets can be bought at the park or online but online will assure you seating with friends and groups. Parking costs between 5-10 dollars. Some games include post-game events such as fireworks or laser light shows. Check the schedule for more information. Website

Detroit Tiger's Baseball- Michigan's professional baseball team. They also play in Detroit. Information on parking and game day events can be found on their website. Tickets should be purchased in advance.  Website 

Grand Rapid's Drive Basketball- Our new local basketball team will have their first season in 204-2015. They will play at the DeltaPlex arena located in the Grand Rapids area. Tickets and schedule will be available soon on the website. Website

Detroit Pistons- Michigan's professional basketball team. Games are played in Detroit and tickets should be purchased in advance. Website

MSU vs. U of M Rivalry

Like many places, Michigan has a strong long-standing team rivalry about which people get very passionate. You may notice that many people in Michigan support one of two teams when it comes to sports in general, the Michigan State University Spartans and the University of Michigan Wolverines. Even at GVSU where we support our Lakers, you will find students and staff usually have a strong opinion about which of these two teams is the better. Most of the time this is all just for fun but some people feel very emotional about it so be prepared. You may want to or be invited to attend one of these two teams' games. Feel free to do so as many at GVSU support a team along side our GVSU teams.

Michigan State University- (MSU) Spartans- Located in East Lansing, about an hour and a half from Grand Rapids. Tickets and schedules are available online. Website

University of Michigan- (U of M) Wolverines- Located in Ann Arbor (near Detroit) about 3 hours from Grand Rapids. Tickets and schedules are available online. Website

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