Campus Cultural Groups

Campus Cultural Groups

Traveling to new places is an unforgettable experience. The foods you eat, buildings you see, and the knowledge you gain is life changing. One of the most important influences that can impact your stay is the people you meet and the interaction that transpires.

To get to know the campus and students better, it is important to become involved in campus life. There are more than 200 student clubs/organizations offered at Grand Valley State University. Offered clubs/organizations allow the campus community of students, faculty, and staff to interact.

You can also view a list of student orgs and how to join at Lakerlink.

Below are the most common student clubs/organizations that involve international students: 

  • Uniting Nations: diverse student organization committed to connecting international and domestic students through cultural exploration, social events, educational and support services.
  • Vietnamese Student Association: an open organization that promotes Vietnamese culture, traditions, and language.

  • Nepali Student Association: has been established with the aim of fostering Nepali culture and creating a platform to showcase our rich cultural heritage and languages. 

  • Filipinx American Student Association: spread the enriching history, tradition, and knowledge of Filipino culture in a community that is fun and entertaining. 

  • Asian Student Union: create a fun, family-like environment for those looking to broaden their knowledge of Asian and Asian-American traditions, culture, and more. We also discuss stereotypes, celebrate Asian holidays, and explore Asian games/food. 

  • African Student Council: an organization meant to bring together all those at Grand Valley who identify with and share an interest in the African cultural experience.

  • Indian Association: aim to connect all the international students from India in collective efforts to promote the welfare of all Indian students.

For information on becoming involved in campus programs, contact the Student Life Office or Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Page last modified May 14, 2024