Food & Drink

Grand Rapids is quickly becoming the place to go for a variety of delicious food. We were recently named Beer City U.S.A. for our growing dedication to craft beer brewing. We have several breweries all over town which boast Michigan-made beers and amazing in house crafted food. We also have a growing farm-table community where restaurants try to get most of their ingredients from local Michigan farmers. This effort supports Michigan farmers and provides fresh, seasonal food for a hungry Grand Rapids. Our growing international community is resulting in a wonderfully diverse cuisine with several countries represented. Finally, as a college city, we of course have many coffee shop options for you, to help you stay up late into the night studying or just relax with friends.

The food and drinks are organized by type of food/drink and by location. We have 3 main areas you should be aware of:

  • Downtown : easily accessible by the Laker Line bus and all locations within walking distance.
  • East Town: outside of downtown proper. Some locations are in walking distance but many may require a ride.
  • Standale/Allendale: if you live on the Allendale campus or are passing though on the way to the Pew campus these are some great, quick & close places to eat. Many of them are accesible from the Laker Line and walkable from there but some will require a car.


Coffee Shops

Restaurants by Cuisine


Page last modified August 31, 2021