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Housed in the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance in Grand Valley State University, we offer undergraduate-focused degree programs, helping these young minds take a full advantage of learning and performing opportunities available both on campus and in the greater off-campus community. We also have an exciting list of performances and masterclasses open to the public throughout the year. Please explore the website and stay in touch with us. We hope to see you soon on this beautiful GVSU campus!

GVSU Piano is hosting 2020 Virtual Piano Camp on July 20-24! The program is free, but enrollment is limited to 16 high school students. Hope to see you there! 

Dr. SunYoung Park, "Around the Corner" (2019)

Commissioned by 2019 GVSU 20th/21st-Century Piano Festival
Live Performance by GVSU students Dana Van Dyke and Becca Hanson 

Timothy Brown, Cimmerian Cliffs (2018)

Commissioned by GVSU for its 20th/21st-Century Piano Festival in 2018.
World Premiere - live performance by Sharon Yi-Hsuan Wu and Dr. Helen Marlais (Faculty)

Dr. William Ryan, "Tiny Machines" (2017)

Commissioned by GVSU for its 20th/21st-Century Piano Festival in 2017. 
Video recording by Dana Van Dyke (Junior) and Dr. Sookkyung Cho (Faculty)
Premiere given on 10/28/2017 by Rebekah Shomsky and Reese Rehkopf

Ed McLean, Jammin' at the Space Club (2016)

Commissioned by GVSU for its 20th/21st-Century Piano Festival in 2016.
Premiered by Grace Brylinski (sophomore) and Reese Rehkopf (junior) 

Ted Goldman, "Tilk" (2015)

Commissioned by Grand Valley State University for its 20th/21st-Century Piano Festival in 2015.
Premiered by Grace Maust (Freshman pianist) and Dr. Sookkyung Cho (Faculty).