Talks are 15min each with 3 minutes for questions.

U = Undergraduate Student Talk
G = Graduate Student Talk

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Friday, October 4th





Arrival and Registration



Welcoming Remarks

Frederick Antczak, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Session 1 

Chair: Bob Wald (UChicago)


Numerical binary black hole collisions in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity 

Leo Stein (Mississippi)


Modeling Subgrid MHD Turbulence with Artificial Neural Networks (G)

Shawn Rosofsky (UIUC)


Magnetic Braking and Damping of Differential Rotation in Massive Stars (G)

Lunan Sun (UIUC)


Effects of spin on magnetized binary neutron star mergers and jet launching

Milton Ruiz (UIUC)


Dynamically stable ergostars

Antonios Tsokaros (UIUC)


Coffee Break



Session 2

Chair: Leo Stein (Mississippi)


Spin Self-Force (G)

Kristian Mackewicz (UChicago)


EMRI Waveforms: Efficient Self-Force Calculations

Anna Heffernan (Perimeter & Guelph)


Finite Size Effects On The Self-Force (G)

Klaountia Pasmatsiou (Case Western Reserve)


Dynamical gravitomagnetic tidal response of a rotating, barotropic star (G)

Simon Pekar (Perimeter & Guelph)


Black hole hairstyle excitations (G)

Pablo Bosch Gomez (Perimeter & Waterloo)


Lunch (on your own)



Session 3

Chair: Timothy Dolch (Hillsdale)


Generating Physically Realistic Neutron Star Initial Data (U)

Grace Fiacco (RIT) and Trung Ha (Rochester)


Microgravity Effects in Human Body (U)

Tanmoy Chakraborty (Zhengzhou Univ)


Solving Time Travel Paradoxes (U)

Jacob Hauser (Pomona)


Signal Overlays for Evaluating Continuous Gravitational Wave Candidates (U)

Grant Weldon (Michigan)


Coffee Break



Session 4

Chair: Brett Bolen


Thermodynamics of Lorentzian Taub-NUT spacetimes (G)

Alvaro Ballon Bordo (Perimeter)


The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) Pulsar Timing Array

Timothy Dolch (Hillsdale)


Constraining Galaxy Merger Histories in the Local Universe with Pulsar Timing Arrays

Sarah Vigeland (UW Milwaukee)


Active Galactic Nuclei: Laboratory for Gravitational Physics

Ashkbiz Danehkar (Michigan)


Cosmic expansion from spinning black holes (G)

Chi Tian (Case Western Reserve)


Applications of Machine Learning to Gravitational Physics (G)

Tim Whittaker (Perimeter & Waterloo)


Dinner (on your own)



Public Lecture: Black Hole Myths and Mysteries (Loosemore Auditorium, DeVos)

Leo Stein, University of Mississippi

Saturday, October 5th





Session 5

Chair: Sarah Vigeland (UWM)


Environment effects in multi-band detections of black hole binaries (G)

Laura Sberna (Perimeter)


Can environment effects spoil detection of stellar-origin massive black hole binaries? (G)

Alexandre Toubiana (APC/IAP, Paris)


Testing exotic cosmology models with future Gravitational Wave siren data (G)

Maxence Corman (Perimeter)


The Memory Effect and Infrared Divergences in Quantum Gravity (G)

Gautam Satishchandran (UChicago)


Determination of The Static Scalar and Electromagnetic Self-Force From Conical Singularities (G)

Michael LaHaye (Guelph)


Coffee Break



Session 6

Chair: Shane Larson (CIERA/Northwestern)


Testing Lorentz violation in the Earth's gravitational field (G)

Zonghao Li (Indiana)


Local and covariant flow relations for OPE coefficients in curved spacetime (G)

Mark Klehfoth (UChicago)


Lorentz Transformations and Existence in Minkowski Spacetime

Armin Nikkhah Shirazi (Michigan)


On the relationship between symmetry of metric and symmetry of matter (G)

Fatemeh Bagheri (Texas - Arlington)


Spacetime Decomposition Methods for GR (G)

Soham Mukherjee (Perimeter)


Lunch (on your own)



Coffee and Blue Apple Award Ceremony (Best Student Talk)



Session 7

Chair: Ben Holder (GVSU)


Solid state analogs for LQG and string theory

Stephen Harnish (Bluffton)


General Relativity and the Dirac Equation

Thomas Brennan (Ferris State)


LISA as a Probe of Stellar Astrophysics

Shane L. Larson (CIERA/Northwestern)


Asteroid effects on LISA

Brett Bolen (GVSU)


3+1 Decomposition of General Relativity for a Scalar Field Using Mathematica

George E. Hrabovsky (MAST)


Meta Relativity

Rick DeWitt 


Wrap-up and Farewell


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