Madison Brooks '18

In 2017 I was on my sorority's executive board, Alpha Sigma Tau. I have always loved participating in sorority event coordination, helping train new members, and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity with my sorority sisters.

Todd Lukasiewicz '12

When I was a freshman, there was quite a snowy winter. One day, around the weekend lunch rush around Kleiner, there was a large crowd mingling outside the building.

Ivan Ivanov '98 & '04

My spouse and I met at GVSU, so my favorite memories are of the two of us being together and having heart-to-heart talks while sipping coffee in Kirkhof Center.

DaiLynn Dietz '17

I miss the physics club area all the time! We had a space within Padnos where physics students could congregate, collab on projects, and work through tough problems on whiteboards.

Andrew Kirby '12

I used to love walking/jogging around Allendale campus, in any weather, between classes. I love the outdoors, and there was a lot of natural beauty on campus.

Zach Mikulec '21

My favorite Grand Valley memory was my time as the Lab Assistant for the Occupational Safety and Health Department.

Bailey Webb '19

Grand Valley gave me some of the best memories, such as studying abroad in Ghana with the Honors College, working at the Dean of Students office and CLAS advising.

Jeff Yin '08

It's so hard to choose one GVSU memory. Some of my best memories include hall hockey in Pew (sorry about all the noise everyone), all the intramural sports, Relay for Life, and traveling down to Alabama to watch Grand Valley win a national championship.

Keara Anderson '20

My favorite GV memory is all the late nights spent doing homework in Kennedy with my friends - especially when pizza was involved!

Gloire Rubambiza '18

One of my favorite GV memories is the bus trip from Michigan to the Undergraduate McNair Scholars conference in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY.

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