Mission, Vision & Values

In the Seymour and Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, academic advising is a collaborative, developmental process which facilitates communication among faculty, staff and students. Our mission is to assist students in understanding and interpreting University protocols and requirements along with effectively connecting students to College communities, so they may develop as a student, professional and citizen.

To develop an academic advising program in which every student is provided with current advising information and receives advising at least once a year from well trained faculty and staff advisors.

• Knowledgeable advisors who provide timely advice to keep advisees informed about academic progression
• Accurate, up-to-date resources including curriculum guides, major handouts, and advising forms
• Committed to on-going professional development for all advisors
• Consistent, regular contact beginning freshmen year or the first semester enrolled at GVSU
• Accessible to students
• Strong local expertise concerning internships and employment

Page last modified August 8, 2017