Programs and Activities

Sista Chats

Each year we develop a list of topics that that deal with issues that are unique to the woman of color. From dealing with unfortunate comments and situations at work, to raising positive children, this discussion seeks to open the dialogue on the issues that black women and all women of color face on a daily basis.
Come join us at the next chat, for a down to earth and lively discussion on topics that are relevant to your everyday life.

Check out the Upcoming Events link to see our schedule of events, which include our Sista Chats.

Annual Valentine's Day Luncheon

Each year, PBW puts on a luncheon to gather students, faculty and staff to discuss a rich component of Black Women in history. Each year presents with a different theme that emphasizes the work and sacrifice of a variety of Black Women who were bold enough to make changes that have had lasting impacts. Check out "Annual Events" for more details about this years Valentine's Day Luncheon.

Mentoring Partnerships

In 1998, a structured mentor/mentee program was instituted by graduate students known as the "M&M" program. This program was designed to have GVSU campus women matched with African American students who wished to be mentored during their first year of college. Additional support was provided for nontraditional students who were returning to college. This program focused on meeting the social, academic, and emotional needs of Black women and students. Today we serve as a support group to existing campus mentor/mentee programs with the Women's Center and the Office of Multicultural Affairs such as Niara.

Niara, which means "one with high purpose", is a mentoring program to help women students of color connect and build meaningful relationships with professional staff and faculty of color in order to strengthen connections to the campus community, the community at large, and to enhance their college experience.

Niara acknowledges and celebrates multiple identities, engages participants through skill building workshops focusing on achievement of personal and professional goals, provide service learning opportunities, offer leadership experience, and create an open space for encouraging personal growth through dialogue and support.

Our once a month meetings include topics such as career guidance, networking, leadership development, racial and gender expectations and goal setting, service learning and social activities with other mentor programs for students of color such as Black Male Scholar Initiative and Hermanos.  Each participant will be paired with a GVSU faculty/staff women of color and create an individual plan to meet the student's needs.  There is also the opportunity to engage in leadership opportunities, social and wellness activities, and lunch time discussions.

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