Student Resources

As an online learner, you have access to the same student support and services as on-campus students.

Here are a few of the most commonly used resources: 

  • Student Academic Success Center - Academic Skills Resources 
    Resources for time/self management, test taking, procrastination and motivation, etc.
  • Writing Center - Fred Meijer Center for Writing
    The Writing Center offers assistance in brainstorming, outlining, drafting, citing sources, etc. in support of writing assignments. Access the Resource Market for guide sheets, citation help, topic ideas, research, and speech resources.
  • Division of Student Services - Resources for Student Success
    The Division of Student Services provides a wide array of available campus services.
  • University Libraries - Distance and Hybrid Learning
    University Libraries knows that distance education students have different needs than on-campus students. All library services are available to you as an online learner.
  • eLearning and Emerging Technologies - Student Help for Blackboard 
    Tips for using Blackboard is available on the eLearning web site.
  • Information Technology - IT Service Desk
    The IT Service Desk provides students with Blackboard, login and password resets, and a variety of technology support for online and hybrid students.
  • Complaints - Complaints for Distance Education Students
    If distance education student complaints are not able to be resolved at the program, unit, or college level, additional assistance is available.
  • Chemistry Success Center
    The Chemistry Success Center is a place for GVSU students in many levels of chemistry classes to get free help, now online.
  • Mathematics Tutoring Center
    The Mathematics Tutoring Center is a place for GVSU students in many levels of math classes to get free help, now online.
  • Statistics Tutoring Center
    The Statistics Tutoring Center is a place for GVSU students in many levels of stat classes to get free help, now online.
  • Tutoring Center
    Many (but not all) of the classes that were tutored in person are now being tutored online. Complete a tutoring request on the webpage and you will either be connected with a tutor or you will be notified that a tutor is not available.

Page last modified December 16, 2021