Success Stories

Success Stories


Many of the individuals who have gone through MVE-Lab have found amazing success. Through our 10-week program, they learned how to shape and enhance their business ideas to be the best they could be. Below are some stories of how MVE-Lab has impacted their businesses. 

Nicholas Kaminski

Nicholas Kaminski - Former MVE Lab Participant

Ellie Dragstra

Ellie Dragstra - Former MVE Lab Participant

Des Nelson

Des Nelson - Former MVE Lab Participant

Diana Aue

Diana Aue - Former MVE Lab Participant

Scotty Lange

Scotty Lange - Former MVE Lab Participant

Autumn Hartpence

Autumn Hartpence - Former MVE Lab Participant

NEU Stories

About the NEU Magazine

NEU Magazine is an online publication put on by the Richard M. and Helen DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University. NEU highlights various entrepreneurship and innovation stories for startups around the area of West Michigan, including the MVE Lab. 

Each participant has a chance to present their business ideas at the Pitch Showcase hosted by the Michigan Veteran Entrepreneur-Lab near the end of the three month program. Some of our participants win the showcase and are awarded cash to further their start-up idea or concept. NEU Magazine highlighted some of the winners and interviewed them on their experience with the MVE Lab. 


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Shawnda accomplished her dream of becoming a transformational life coach for women by going through the MVE Lab. Her story is inspiring to women at every stage in life and can be found at NEU Magazine. 

Nick Kaminski is a former participant of MVE Lab and started his own beekeeping business called Hickory Tree Farm Apiary. In a Q&A with NEU Magazine, he discusses what MVE Lab taught him as well as his new business success. 

Henrietta and Zaneta join forces to bring together a consulting group to help empower women veterans to succeed in work and education settings. Their incredible mission and business was discussed in an interview with NEU Magazine. 

Ellie Dragstra found there was a need for new mothers-to-be and joined MVE Lab as a veteran-spouse looking to help these women. Read more about her story and success at NEU Magazine.

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