Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions

Who can enroll? 

Veterans, active duty, military spouses, and dependents ( a dependent is a family member who relies on the veteran financially and meets certain criteria. Examples of dependents for VA purposes are supposed, children between the ages of 18-26, and disabled children).

Is some college or a college degree required? 


Is there an age requirement? 

The minimum age is 18. 

How much does it cost? 

It's free, but the application process is competitive, and not all applicants may be admitted. 

Where will the program be held, in person or virtually? 

If you prefer to attend online, please let us know. You must have a camera on your device and audio to participate. If you have a smartphone with the Zoom app, that will work.  

Who can I contact with questions? 

please email [email protected], or call 616-331-7582


Page last modified February 7, 2023