Department Seminars 2001 to 2005

Department Seminars in 2005

Feb. 22
Will Dickinson and Clark Wells. Stupid (or Cool) Computer Tricks.

March 15
Nathan Wodarz. March 22 Steve Schlicker. The Geometry of H(Rn): Segments and Sequences.

March 29
John Grabosek (Statistics) and Tom Kennedy (student). Applying Statistical Modeling to Baseball.

April 5
Mark Pearson (Hope College). Windmills and Wreaths.

April 1
Becky Bergeon (student), Tarah McCarthy (student), and Lindsey Slater (student). Pictorial Growth Patterns: Preliminary Findings of 3 Student Thesis Projects.

Sept. 13
Matt Boelkins. The Sendov Conjecture and the Geometry of Polynomials.

Sept. 20
Dave Coffey and Pam Wells. I'm Not Wrong, I Answered Another Question: What's Right in Wrong Answers?

Oct. 6
Manish Chakrabarti. What is Bioinformatics?

Oct. 11
Cynthia Groenink (student) and John Golden. The Children Left Behind.

Oct. 18
Chris Smith (student) and Akalu Tefera. Hypergeometric Summations with Computers.

Nov. 1
Jon Hodge and Pete Schwallier (student). How Does Separability Affect the Desirability of Referendum Election Outcomes?

Nov. 8
Brian Mosher (University of Michigan). Undergraduate Research Projects in Computational Group Theory.

Nov. 15
Anna Sfard (The University of Haifa & Michigan State University). Identity that Makes a Difference: Substantial Learning as Closing the Gap between Actual and Designated Identities.

Dec. 6
Angie Grumm (student) and Ngan Nguyen (student). Slingshots and Paper Folding.

Department Seminars in 2004

Feb. 24
Nathan Wodarz. Ghost in the Machine.

March 25
Nathan Wodarz. Topological Taylor Series (or, Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Topology, I Learned in Math 202).

March 30
Mike Robison. Academic Challenge and Significant Content for all Students?

April 6
Will Dickinson and Kristina Lund (student). A Summer of Exploration: Napoleons Theorem and The Area Principle.

April 13
John Skukalek (student). Zeta(2), Zeta(3), and Beyond.

Sept. 14
David Austin. Penrose Tilings.

Sept. 21
Clark Wells. What Makes a Number a Number Anyway?

Oct. 19
Paul Fishback and Nate Burch (student). The Least-Squares Property of the Lanczos' Generalized Derivative.

Oct. 26
Ed Aboufadel and Drew Colthorp (student). Recognizing Airplanes, Breaking CAPTCHAs, and Hiding Messages: Undergraduate Research Problems in Wavelets.

Nov. 2
Reva Kasman. Why Cant I Fold a Square into an Icosahedron?

Nov. 9
Ben Vugteveen (student). You, Me, and Semi-Symmetry: Disjunction Graphs and Their Properties.

Nov. 16
Mark Hanish (Calvin College). Three Linear Algebra Applications that Amaze.

Dec. 6
Nathan Wodarz. Hairy Mathematics.

Department Seminars in 2003

March 11
David Coffey and John Golden. Triangular and Square Numbers: A Perfect Match?

March 18
David Austin and Will Dickinson. The Program Formerly Known as Spherical Sketchpad.

March 25
Karen Heidenreich. A What-Set?

April 1
Matt Boelkins. Plagiarism in Mathematics.

April 8
David Coffey,Karen Novotny, and Akalu Tefera. Enhancing Math 345.

April 15
Department Celebration.

Sept. 16
Nancy Mack. Adding It Up: Developing Students' Mathematical Proficiency.

Sept. 23
Jon Hodge and Micah TerHaar (student). Separable Preferences and Admissible Characters.

Oct. 7
Char Beckmann, David Coffey, and Rebecca Walker. Learning from Mathematics Teaching Around the World.

Oct. 16
Don Vander Jagt. Homogeneous Embeddings and Stratified Graphs.

Oct. 23
Paul Fishback. An Oxymoronic Derivative Definition.

Nov. 4
Mike Tanoff (Kalamazoo College). Whats the Problem?!

Nov. 11
William Dickinson and Kristina Lund (student). A Summer of Exploration: Napoleons Theorem and The Area Principle.

Nov. 18
Matt Boelkins and Ben Vugteveen (student). From Chebyshev to Bernstein: a Tour of our Summer Research in Polynomial Functions.

Department Seminars in 2002

March 12
Ed Aboufadel and Pam Wells. Enhancing MTH 210.

March 19
David Coffey and Will Dickinson. The 'Product Game' and Beyond.

March 26
Akilu Zeleke (Alma College). The Loop Erased Walk.

April 2
Pam Wells. Listening to Childrens Mathematical Thinking.

April 11
Mary Richardson (Statistics) and David Coffey. Is it really fair?

April 16
Department Celebration Seminar.

Sept. 10
Mike McDaniel (Aquinas College). Who Put the PT in the HOMFLYPT?

Sept. 17
Paul Fishback. Mandelbrot Sets in Matrix Rings: The Tale of Ternary Number Systems.

Sept. 24
Shandelle Henson (Andrews University). If Animals Come In Discrete Units, How Can Population Size Be Chaotic?

Oct. 1
Christopher Frayer (student). Perfect One Error Correcting Codes on Complete Iterated Graphs.

Oct. 8
Steve Schlicker. The Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric.

Oct. 17
Will Dickinson and Ryan Koesterer (student). Spherical Triangle Theorems.

Oct. 22
Tom Scofield (Calvin College). Convergent Spirals and their Path Lengths.

Oct. 29
Akalu Tefera. An Introduction to Voronoi Diagrams and Their Applications.

Nov. 14
John Golden. What do the MEAP scores MEAN? Setting Standards for Statewide Exams.

Department Seminars in 2001

Jan. 30
Amy Vander Zee (student). Bivariate Daubechies Scaling Functions.

March 27
Georgianna Klein and John Golden. Teachers Mathematics.

April 3
Pam Wells, Jan Shroyer, and Esther Billings. Using Case Studies to Help Prepare Preservice Elementary Teachers for a Tutoring Field Experience.

April 10
Mary Ellen Rivers. Sabbatical Leave Report. Jody Sorensen. MTH 495 Report.

Sept. 11
Will Dickinson. eGrade and WeBWorK in Calculus.

Sept. 18
Alverna Champion. The 2002 Michigan Educational Assessment Program.

Sept. 25
Paul Fishback and the Instructional Resources Committee. A Technology Sampler.

Oct. 2
John Golden. How to Write your own Web Page.

Oct. 9
Phyllis Curtis and John Grabosek. Enhancing the Mathematical Core: Integrating K-12 Reform Curricula into STA 312.

Oct. 16
Matt Boelkins and Matt Wells (student). A SURP on Polynomials with Distinct Real Zeros.

Oct. 23
David Austin. Postscript and Geometry.

Nov. 6
Jody Sorensen. Cubics and Complexes.

Nov. 13
David Austin, Char Beckmann, and Will Dickinson. Enhancing Euclidean Geometry.

Nov. 25
Clark Wells. One Bad Turn (or Rotation) Deserves Another?

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