Articles and Book Chapters 2001 to 2005

Articles and Book Chapters in 2005

Ed Aboufadel, J. Olsen, and J. Windle. “Breaking the Holiday Inn Priority Club CAPTCHA”, The College Mathematics Journal  March (2005).

David Austin. “Up and Down the Tiles.”  The Notices of American Mathematical Society 62.6 (2005):  610-611.

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R. Austin, D. Thompson, and Char Beckmann.  “Exploring measurement concepts through literature: Natural links across disciplines.”  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.5 (2005):  218–224.

Esther Billings and Char Beckmann.   “Children’s Literature: A Motivating Context to Explore Functions.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.9 (2005): 470 – 478.

M. Schultz and Esther Billings. “Mailing a Publication: An Activity that Promotes an Understanding of Step & Linear Functions.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.7 (2005):  349 – 355.

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David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “Rethinking Fair Games.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. February 2005.

David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “What is the Probability of 'Pigging Out'?” Proceedings of the American Statistical Association Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, 2005., Statistical Education Section [CD-ROM],

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Gary Chartrand, David Erwin, Don Vander Jagt Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications  44 (2005):  51 – 68., and Ping Zhang.  “On Gamma Labelings of Graphs.”  Bulletin of the

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Pam Wells and David Coffey. “Are They Wrong or Did They Just Answer a Different Question?”  Teaching Children Mathematics.  November 2005: 202 – 207.

Steve Schlicker, Dominic Braun, John Mayberry, and Audrey Malagon.   A Singular Introduction to the Hausdorff Metric Geometry.”  Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 12.3 (2005): 129 – 138.

Articles and Book Chapters in 2004

Ed Aboufadel and Steve Schlicker Grand Valley State University.” Math Horizons February 2004..   “REU Spotlight:

Char Beckmann and Esther Billings. “Math at Work: Figuring Fitness: Nutrition in the Middle Grades.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.1 (2004): 46 – 53.

Char BeckmannPam Wells Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2004. 151 – 163., John Gabrosek (Statistics), Esther BillingsEd Aboufadel, Phyliss Curtiss (Statistics), Will DickinsonDavid Austin, and Alverna Champion. “Enhancing the Mathematical Understanding of Prospective Teachers Using Standards-Based Grades K-12 Curricula.” Perspectives on the Teaching of MathematicsSixty-Sixth Yearbook of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Ed. Rubenstein, R. and Bright, G. ,

Char Beckmann, D. Thompson, and R. Austin, R. “Patchwork Mathematics: Empowering Mathematics Teachers through Children's Literature.” Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in High School. Ed. Chappell, M., Choppin, J. and Salls, J. Reston: VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2004. 16 – 17.

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David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “What are the Chances of a ‘Pig Out’?” Mathematics in Michigan Spring 2004.

Will Dickinson. “Curvature Properties of Positively Curved Eschenburg Spaces.” Differential Geometry and Applications 20.1 (2004): 101 – 124.

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Pam Wells and T. Maynard. “Using Patterning Problems to Help Students See When Proportional Reasoning Is Appropriate.” NCTM 2004 Professional Development Guidebook.

Articles and Book Chapters in 2003

David AustinHeather Gavlas, and David Witte. “Hamiltonian paths in Cartesian powers of directed cycles.” Graphs and Combinatorics 19.4 (2003):   459 – 466.

Char Beckmann, D. Thompson. “Exploring Measurement Concepts through Literature: Natural Links across Disciplines.”   Learning and Teaching Measurement: 2003 Yearbook. Ed. Clements, D. & Bright, G. Reston: VA, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2003. 245 – 255.

K. Rozanski, Char Beckmann, and D. Thompson.   “Exploring size with The Grouchy Ladybug.” Teaching Children Mathematics 10.2 (2003): 84 – 89.

Esther Billings and T. Lakatos. “Lisa’s Lemonade Stand: Exploring Algebraic Ideas.”  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 8.9 (2003): 456 – 460.

Filiz Dogru and S. Tabachnikov.  “On Polygonal Dual Billiard in the Hyperbolic Plane.”  Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 8.1 (2003):  67-82.

Reva Kasman. “Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Invariants and the Initial Tree.” Proceedings of the 20th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology (2003).

Karen Heidenreich. “Extensions of ‘Thickened’ Verma Modules of the Virasoro Algebra.” Journal of Algebra November (2003).

Jody Sorensen. “The Canadians Should Have Won!?” Math Horizons February (2003).

Articles and Book Chapters in 2002

David Austin. “Book Review: The Mathematical Explorer: An Interactive Mathematics Book.” Notices of the American Mathematical Society June/July (2002).

D.R. Thompson, R.A. Austin, Char Beckmann Reston: VA, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2002. 130 – 137.. “Using Literature as a Vehicle to Explore Proportional Reasoning.” Making Sense of Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions2002 Yearbook. Ed. Litwiller, B.H. and G. Bright. 

D.R. Thompson, R.A. Austin, Char Beckmann Florida Science Teacher 15.2 (2002): 7 – 10 and 24 – 31.. “Using Literature to Connect Mathematics and Science to explore the Solar System.” The

Esther Billings. “Assessing Two Preservice Elementary School Teachers’ Views of Qualitative-Based Mathematical Reasoning.”   Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics 24.3 (2002):  17 – 36.

Esther Billings. “Numbers Need not Apply.” Classroom Activities for Making Sense of Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions 2002 Yearbook Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2002. 38 – 40.. Ed. G. Bright & B. Litwiller.  

Esther Billings. “Cocoa.” Classroom Activities for Making Sense of Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions 2002 Yearbook Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2002. 36 – 37.. Ed. G. Bright & B. Litwiller.  

Jody Sorensen, Dawn Ashley (Kalamazoo College student), and Hillary VanSpronsen (student). “Symmetry in Bifurcation Diagrams.”   Pi Mu Epsilon Journal Fall (2002).

Akalu Tefera.  “MultInt, a MAPLE Package for Multiple Integration by the WZ Method.”   Journal of Symbolic Computation 34.5 (2002): 329 – 353.

Joseph Sinyor and Akalu Tefera. “A New Triple Sum Combinatorial Identity.” International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 31.12 (2002): 761 – 763.

Articles and Book Chapters in 2001

Ed Aboufadel. “An Epidemic of Jacobians.” College Mathematics Journal 32.4 (2001): 79 – 82.

Ed Aboufadel and Steve Schlicker. “Wavelets”, Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, 3rd edition. Ed.  Robert Meyers. 2001.

Esther Billings. “Problems that Encourage Proportion Sense.”  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 7.1 (2001): 10 – 14.

Matt Boelkins and Tommy Ratliff. “How We Get Our Students to Read the Text Before Class.” Focus 21.1 (2001): 16 – 17.

Matt Boelkins and Tommy Ratliff. “How We Get Our Students to Read the Text Before Class.” MAA Online America. 2001. Mathematical Association of

J. Burm (student) and Paul Fishback. “Period-3 Orbits via Sylvester’s Theorem and Resultants.”   Mathematics Magazine, 74 (2001): 47 – 50.

Nancy Mack.   “Building on Informal Knowledge in a Complex Content Domain: Partitioning, Units, and Understanding Multiplication of Fractions.”   Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 32.3 (2001):   267 – 295.

Gary Chartrand, Karen Novotny, and S. Winters. “The Ultracenter and Central Fringe of a Graph.” Networks  38.1 (2001):   33 – 38.

Joseph Sinyor, Ted Speevak, and Akalu Tefera. “A New Combinatorial Identity.” International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 25.6 (2001): 361 – 363.

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