Resources to help you interpret and apply LIFT results

The student impressions recorded in LIFT are useful for both formative and summative evaluations.  Formative evaluation is a continuous process in which faculty members consider and apply evidence in order to improve their own teaching.  Summative evaluation is a recurring process contributing to official decisions about personnel and curriculum matters.

Your College, Department, or School decides how LIFT data are used in summative evaluations of teaching.  These principles for applying LIFT results in summative evaluation can guide units in determining their practice and may help individual faculty members to understand the process.  We urge faculty members to work closely with unit leadership and mentors to understand the particular role of LIFT results in their specific assessment regimes.

  • How to find LIFT course reports
    • To find reports for your own courses, go to the faculty portal.  Note that reports aren't available until a day or two after grades are turned in, but once the report has been released it will remain available to you through the portal indefinitely.
    • Unit heads and LIFT Coordinators have access to all reports for the unit via the LIFT administrative portal.  See this page for directions.  Units are also encouraged to maintain a secure local archive of reports.
  • Sample Report
  • About the reports
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