Accelerating OER: Funding Opportunities

General Criteria


  • The Open Textbook Review Stipend – review an OER and share your review in the Open Textbook Library to receive a $200 salary supplement.
  • OER Development Minigrant – receive up to $500 to cover costs related to developing your own OER.
  • Remix/Revise Stipend –  receive a $1000 salary supplement to develop OER by combining or adapting existing materials.
  • Open Textbook Authoring Program – receive a $3000 salary supplement for developing an open textbook from scratch.
  • Open Pedagogy Stipend - receive a $3000 salary supplement for implementing a project which engages students in developing or revising OER.

Who is Eligible?

For all opportunities listed here, we welcome applications from any faculty or staff who:

  • Are employed by Grand Valley State University as instructors for regular, credit-bearing courses, 
  • Agree to share any materials created through these funding opportunities using a Creative Commons license, and
  • Have not previously received the same award through the Accelerating OER Initiative.

The Accelerating OER Initiative explicitly welcomes applications from Affiliate, Adjunct, and Visiting faculty, as well as tenure-track and tenured faculty. 

Grant Funding for OER

Open Textbook Review Stipend

About this Award

The Open Textbook Review Stipend provides $200 for faculty who write and publish a thorough review of an open textbook from the Open Textbook Library

Reviewers will use an Open Textbook Library template and rubric to address aspects of the OER including content accuracy, clarity, and organization.

OER Review Stipends will be awarded on a rolling basis. This pilot program will end when the Accelerating OER Initiative concludes in June 2023. 

We are currently accepting applications for the Open Textbook Review Stipend.


Fall 2021: Program opens on a rolling basis through Winter 2023.

Anytime: submit an application with your contact details.

  • We'll reach out to you and provide you with the Open Textbook Library template and evaluation rubric.
  • If you already have a potential OER identified, great! If not, the University Libraries will help you find an OER to review.

After your complete review is posted in the Open Textbook Library: you will receive the stipend alongside your regular paycheck.

OER Development Minigrant

About this Award

The OER Development Minigrant provides up to $500 to defray costs associated with producing an OER, including materials, licensing, or contractor support.

Applications are competitive and will be evaluated based on the following key criteria:

  • A clearly described and defined project
  • A project to enable or enhance the use of other OER in the applicant's teaching.
  • Estimated number of students per year who will be impacted by this project.

A total of 13 minigrants are available through Spring/Summer 2023, awarded on a rolling basis. This pilot program will end when the Accelerating OER Initiative concludes in June 2023. 

We are currently accepting applications for the OER Development Minigrant.

Remix/Revise Stipend

About this Award

The Remix/Revise Stipend is a $1000 salary supplement which recognizes the time and effort involved in developing an OER through remixing multiple existing OER or revising one's own teaching materials. The stipend is intended for substantive projects which are estimated to take 40-50 hours of work outside regular teaching and course preparation time.

Remix/Revise projects might include

  • Weaving together multiple existing OER, for a new purpose or audience
  • Customizing or adapting an existing OER to fit your teaching needs or a specific context
  • Refining your own existing teaching materials, in order to share them as OER

A total of 15 stipends will be awarded from Fall 2021 through Spring/Summer 2023, on a rolling basis. This pilot program will end when the Accelerating OER Initiative concludes in June 2023. 

We are currently accepting applications for the Remix/Revise Stipend.

Open Textbook Authoring Program

About this Award

The Open Textbook Authoring Program offers a $3000 salary supplement as well as ongoing library support for faculty interested in creating a new open textbook or other OER to support an entire course.

Participants in the program may be individual authors or collaborative teams. Each project team or individual author will:

  • Plan and manage an open textbook project, with support from University Libraries.
  • Receive $3000 in funding for publication costs, student assistance, salary supplements, or other project needs. 
  • Collaborate with University Libraries on peer review, proofreading and accessibility editing, and graphic design support for an open textbook. The program includes funding for honoraria paid to peer reviewers.

Preferred Criteria

Proposals for the Open Textbook Authoring Program should clearly describe:

  • The nature of the proposed OER, or the specific need the authors intend to address
  • How the proposed OER will address a specific need and/or impact a significant number of students
  • How the author(s) might find coauthors, peer reviewers, or other peers and colleagues to collaborate with.

Team projects, with multiple co-authors or co-editors, are encouraged but not required.

Application Process

  1. Submit an application with your contact details, information about any co-applicants, and the course (or courses) for which this project is relevant. 
    • Describe the project -- what OER do you plan to develop? Are you addressing a specific need in your area of study/expertise?
    • Describe how you might recruit additional collaborators - as coauthors, reviewers, editors, beta testers, or more.
    • Provide a brief description of the potential impact of the project -- approximately how many students will benefit from this OER? Will this project fill a gap in the available OER for your discipline?
  2. A small team of faculty and staff representing the University Libraries as well as instructional faculty will review all applications. Reviews will prioritize proposals with a clear project description, strong plans or opportunities for collaboration, and a clear benefit to GVSU students and/or a field of study.
  3. If a grant is approved, funding will be provided in two installments. The first installment of $1500 will be provided approximately halfway through your project, after a check-in meeting. The second installment of $1500 will be provided once the open textbook is available online.

Open Pedagogy Stipend

About This Award

The Open Pedagogy Stipend offers a $3000 stipend for faculty implementing an Open Pedagogy project - engaging students in creating or adapting Open Educational Resources. Open Pedagogy builds on the permissions granted by OER in order to involve students as active participants in the creation of knowledge.

For examples and inspiration, check out:



For more information about any of these funding opportunities, contact the Accelerating OER Initiative lead Matt Ruen, University Libraries: 

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