About ScholarWorks@GVSU

About ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks@GVSU is an open-access repository maintained by the GVSU Libraries that showcases and maintains works by GVSU scholars. The GVSU Libraries are committed to preserving these works, with a static URL, on a long term basis. The mission of ScholarWorks@GVSU is to collect and preserve scholarly, educational, and creative works by GVSU faculty, staff and students.

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Types of Materials


Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Culminating Experience Projects (ETD's) are required to be submitted to ScholarWorks@GVSU by The Graduate School. Additional information about these requirements can be found on The Graduate School's website.

In addition ScholarWorks@GVSU also provides access to various honors projects, other capstones, and exemplary student work.


ScholarWorks@GVSU hosts a variety of previously published materials and grey literature composed by GVSU faculty, staff, and students. These works include journal articles, books and book chapters, exemplary student work, working papers, reports, and more.


ScholarWorks@GVSU can help you share unpublished research or creative work, self-archive copies of your published articles, and provide access to data, videos, presentation slides, and other scholarship. Additional information can be found on the Publishing Services page.


Open Education Resources (OER) are textbooks, learning objects, and other educational materials written by GVSU faculty. Additional information about OER can be found on our OER Guide.


ScholarWorks@GVSU provides user-friendly tools for creating, updating, and managing peer review in open access journals.

And More

ScholarWorks@GVSU also includes data, image galleries, audio and visual media, reports, and more. To learn more about how ScholarWorks can increase the visibility of your scholarship, email the Scholarly Communications Team.

Submitting Materials

Student Submissions

Step-by-step instructions for ScholarWorks submissions are available for students needing to fulfill the requirements of submitting their final Thesis, Dissertation, or Culminating Experience Projects to graduate. Click on the link below to review the submission process and submit your work.

If your submission could lead to a patent application, includes sensitive or confidential information, or might be submitted for publication in a scholarly journal, talk with your faculty advisor


 Student Submission Process

Faculty Submissions

University Libraries provides an author “rights checking” service for all faculty journal article publications. To submit your articles for rights checking review click on the link below. We'll go through your publications, check the copyright permissions for those journal articles, and add material that is permitted by the copyright agreement to ScholarWorks.

If you're interested in creating your own professional profile, you can set up a SelectedWorks account. 


Faculty Submission Process


For more information on ScholarWorks@GVSU or to connect with a member of the Scholarly Communications Team please email us at [email protected].

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