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The Curriculum Materials Library has a variety of equipment and supplies available for our patrons. Stop by the Steelcase Service Desk for help with any questions, machine directions or to pay for materials. We accept credit/debit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay when paying for our services or supplies.

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Art and Kraft Paper

Art Kraft Paper (Bulletin Board Paper)
Eight colors of 36" wide bulletin board paper are available to purchase.
Colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black & white
Cost: $.30 per linear foot.

Comb Binding Machine

Binding Machine - Comb
Comb sizes range from 1/4" - 2" in black, white or blue. Our staff will help set up the machine and guide you through the process of binding and creating a professional look to your presentation. Clear covers & card stock are available upon request.
Cost: binding comb - $.50, card stock - $.25, clear cover - $.50

Spiral Binding Machine

Binding Machine - Spiral
Spiral coil sizes range from 6 mm - 18 mm in black. Our staff will help set up the machine and guide you through the process of binding and creating a professional look to your presentation. Clear covers and card stock are available upon request.
Cost: spiral coil - $.50, card stock - $.25, clear cover - $.50

Button maker

Button Making Machines: 2 1/4 in. & 1 1/4 in.
Our machines will make a 1 1/4" or  2 1/4"  round buttons. Bring in your already printed designs and we can help you make them into buttons. Design your buttons using the design sheets or the templates.
1 1/4" design sheet
1 1/4" circle template
2 1/4" design sheet
2 1/4" circle template
$.25 for pin back
$.50 for magnet back (2 1/4" only)

Paper trimmers

Paper Trimmers
Two styles of paper cutters are available for you to use. We have one 38" rotary trimmer and two heavy duty, guillotine style, paper cutters.

Ellison Dies

Ellison Shape Cutting Machines & Dies
The Ellison shape cutting machines & dies allow patrons to punch out letters and shapes quickly and easily.  We carry a wide assortment of die-cut shapes that are available for your use. There is no charge to use these machines. Bring your own supplies, or purchase supplies from the Curriculum Materials Library. Check out the Ellison website for shape cutting ideas!

Laminating Machine

Laminating Machine
We purchased a new GBC Ultima 65 Laminator! Come try it out!
It laminates materials up to 25 inches wide.
Cost: $.75 per linear foot.

Poster Printer

Poster Printer - Full Color Posters (2 ft. X 3 ft.)
Log onto our computer with your GVSU log-in and open your PDF or high resolution JPG file. Our HP DesignJet T520 poster maker will enlarge your image to about a 2 ft. by 3 ft. poster.
Cost: $5.00 per linear ft.

How to use CML Equipment

Ellison Die Cut Tips

Ellison Die Cut Tips

Laminating Tips

Laminating Tips

Binding Machine Tips

Binding Machine Tips

Button Making Tips

Button Making Tips

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