Mission, Vision, & Values

"The LGBTQ minor would be a great credential and asset to anyone in the practice of psychology or social work. It would also be advantageous to educators and those who work in criminal justice."

-Judith Snow, M.A. L.L.P. (Grand Rapids, MI)


The LGBTQ Minor prepares students to examine and address issues and debates about sexuality and gender from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. Engaging in the analysis of the intersections of sexuality and gender with race, class, and national identity, LGBTQ studies courses equip students with strong critical thinking, writing, and leaderships skills. 


Empowering students to challenge stereotypes about sexuality and gender, to understand queer and feminist perspectives, and to work actively for diverse sexuality and gender justice.


  • Building communities that ensure gender justice
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research
  • Liberal education and academic excellence in learning, teaching, and research
  • Rigorous scholarship by faculty and students as a foundation for teaching, learning, vocation, and civic life
  • Culture of collegiality and collaboration
  • Experiential learning and civic engagement
  • A world free of oppression and violence
  • Inclusion and equity through our programs, services, and work
  • The richness of our differences while working collectively to create a community of leaders, scholars, and global citizens for the future

Page last modified March 19, 2015