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The Laker Educational Opportunity Center (LEOC) is an advocate for access to higher education, and we're here to connect adults with educational opportunities for success.

Someone may have told you that "college isn't for everyone" implying that it wasn't for you or that you weren't college material. Well, guess what - they might be right. Traditional "college" may not be right for everyone, but everyone has a right to higher education. Higher education is simply education beyond high school. Another way to say it is, education after secondary education or post-secondary education. You ARE higher education material, and you can choose the post-secondary education path that aligns with your personal career goals. 

Get in touch, and help us start breaking down the barriers that are preventing you from educational success and a fantastic career.

The LEOC provides free advising and information on college admission to qualified adults who want to enter or continue a program of post-secondary education. We strive to increase college and financial aid access for those qualified and interested. We also provide services to improve the financial and economic literacy of participants to include advising participants on financial aid options, including basic financial planning skills, and assisting with applying for financial aid.

See the full list of program services or request more info.

An individual is eligible to participate in an Educational Opportunity Centers project if the individual meets all of the participant requirements. Participants must reside in the Laker Educational Opportunity Center target areas of Kent or Muskegon counties. Participants must also be at least 19 years old*, a US citizen, a potential first-generation college student and identify as low-income. 

    *If the services of a Talent Search program are not available in the target area, persons under 19 may be served.

    First, be sure to review the eligibility requirements. 

    After that, it's simple. You can either apply online or download and print an application! Be sure to print the correct application form: we have an Adult Application (.pdf) and a High School Application (.pdf).

    As an advocate for access to higher education, we do not promote any one institution. We have over 1,000 participants that enter colleges nationwide if and when they are ready. 

    For reference, check out all of the higher education opportunities in the state of Michigan

    Laker Educational Opportunity Center. You are higher education material.
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