Frequently Asked Questions

If I need legal assistance regarding a GVSU legal matter, who do I contact?

Please contact the Office of General Counsel at 331-2067 for legal assistance with a GVSU legal matter.
According to Board of Trustees policy, legal services provided to GVSU and its representatives are to be provided only by our office or counsel retained by us.

What if I am contacted by an attorney regarding a GVSU legal matter?

Please refer the attorney to the Office of General Counsel at 331-2067.

I was served with a subpoena, what should I do?

If you are a faculty/staff member and you are served a subpoena regarding a GVSU legal matter or a request for GVSU records, please deliver to the Office of General Counsel immediately.

I received a bankruptcy or class action notice in the mail and it names GVSU, what do I do with it?

If you received a notice of any court proceeding such as a bankruptcy matter, a class action case, lawsuit, or any other form of legal action, please send it to the Office of General Counsel immediately. We will review the matter and determine the status of GVSU in the case.

Does your office provide services of a Notary Public?

Yes, if you need a document notarized call the Office of General Counsel at 331-2067 and arrange a time to meet with a notary. Bring the unsigned document and a valid form of picture identification to our office during normal business hours.  There are also additional Notary Publics in Human Resources and Title IX.

Page last modified May 12, 2023