Student Research by Kate Johnson

GVSU Latin American Study Abroad Programs - April, 2011

The attached document is a compilation of a variety of different trips to Latin America.  Many of the trips are study abroad and offered through Padnos International Center located in Lake Ontario Hall on the Allendale Campus of Grand Valley State University.  The information about the programs was gathered through a series of interviews, websites, and documents.  The information included is current as of April 2011 and might change for trips offered next year.

In addition to the programs included in the research, Campus Ministries offers spring break trips to many different locations.  Every year, there are one or two trips that go to a Latin American country.  The trip destination, information, and price change every year so their information is not included in the research.  However, please contact Campus Ministries at GVSU to find out more information about that year’s spring break trips.