As Grand Valley continues to monitor and respond to the campus impact of COVID-19, teams are in place to provide guidance to the senior leadership team. 

Leading this effort is the Virus Action Team, which is administering, or overseeing the administration, of a variety of plans for the GVSU community.

Members of the Virus Action Team include: 

  • Greg Sanial is the Vice President of Finance and Administration and Director of the Virus Action Team. He is responsible for budgets and financial reporting, procurement, payroll, student accounts, human resources, facilities services and planning, public safety, and auxiliary operations. He also served for 30 years in the U.S. Coast Guard where he had experience in operations and crisis management, including extensive experience leading complex emergency responses to hurricanes, oil spills, and multiple other multi-agency operations. 
  • Lisa Haynes is the Associate Vice President for Facilities Services Grand Rapids and Regional Centers. She has been with GVSU since 1999. She has been an integral part of project management at GVSU.
  • Doug Graham is a Professor in the Biomedical Sciences department. Prior to joining GVSU in 2003, Graham was a post-doctoral fellow in the Centers for Disease Control's Division of Parasitic Diseases. His research background is in parasitology, virology and epidemiology.
  • Ben Holder is an Associate Professor of Physics and has been at GVSU since 2013. His research concerns the mathematical modeling of virus infections.
  • Dave Huizen is the unit head for the Occupational Safety and Health department. Before joining GVSU 11 years ago, Dave spent 28 years working for various companies as a Certified Industrial Hygienist protecting workers from health hazards in the workplace. 
  • Kristi Cooper is Senior Affiliate Faculty with Kirkhof College of Nursing where she has taught for 16 years. Kristi’s specialty is Community/Public Health Nursing.
  • Ed Aboufadel is an Associate Vice President in the Provost’s Office and a Professor of Mathematics. In the Provost’s office, his primary responsibilities revolve around faculty matters, facilities and policy.
  • Bobby Jo Springer is the Director of K-12 Pathways and the Assistant Director of Veterans Upward Bound.
  • Kate Harmon is the Director of Recreation and Student Wellness Initiatives, and has been at GVSU since 2002. Normally, Kate leads the department of Recreation and Wellness as well as the Campus Health Center agreement with Metro Health
  • Bob Smart is the Vice Provost for Research Administration and Executive Director of the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. Smart is the founding executive director for the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE) and a professor of chemistry at Grand Valley.
  • Dr. Habiba Hassouna is an infectious disease doctor at Spectrum Health.
  • Dottie Barnes, Associate Director of News, University Communications

Tina Barnikow, the Senior Director of Health, was a member of VAT through May 2021. The Virus Action Team take over the work of the Incident Management Team, which was first activated in early 2020 and operated through August. 

Campus Readiness Team

Grand Valley is looking forward to increased in-person academic courses as well as student engagement opportunities this Fall. Planning is underway and will be directed by public health conditions.

The Campus Readiness Team (CRT) has been formed and is now meeting weekly to develop plans, set timelines and guidelines, and consider space requests in the transition period from the end of Winter Semester through the start of the Fall Semester.

The Virus Action Team will continue to provide university guidance regarding health and safety protocols to include the events matrix and other COVID-related university policies. Grand Valley will continue to consider CDC, state, health department and MIOSHA guidance.

The CRT can be reached via email at

Campus Readiness Team Members

Mary Albrecht, Office of the Provost 
Dottie Barnes, University Communications
Kristi Cooper, Kirkhof College of Nursing
Kate Harmon, Recreation and Wellness
Rence Meredith, Facilities Services
David VanderSloot, Conference and Event Planning
Brad Wallace, Athletic & Recreation Facilities Management
Pam Wells, Registrar
Doug Wentworth, Auxiliary Services Office