Laker Familia

Grand Valley State University’s Laker Familia is a network of students who self-identify as Latiné/Hispanic. With the assistance of faculty and staff, students are exposed to a variety of academic, professional, social, and cultural activities. The program begins with a three-day interactive Laker Familia orientation. Once the academic year begins, students are transitioned into the year-round Laker Familia program.

The program is specifically designed to introduce students to resources that will support their academic, cultural, and emotional well-being. Laker Familia promotes and facilitates meaningful interactions with the goal of improving academic success, retention, and graduation.

Laker Familia is heavily involved with all student organizations that have a mission to support Latiné student engagement. 

*Laker Familia is open to all GVSU students.

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Make an Appointment with the Laker Familia Program Coordinator

Thalía Guerra-Flores

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Advising Hours:

By appointment for Summer 2024, email [email protected]

Register for Laker Familia

Are you a currently enrolled GVSU student who identifies as Latino/a/x/é? You can join Laker Familia at any point during your time at GVSU. Transfer students, upper classmen and graduate students are invited to join as well. Once you are registered you are a part of our program until graduation. Students who have registered for Laker Familia Orientation do not have to register, as they are automatically added.

Want to get involved as a Hispanic/Latino/a/x/é Alumni?

We invite you to lend your support in creative, personally meaningful ways that will inspire and shape the future of GVSU Hispanic/Latino/a/x/e students. There are a myriad of ways you can give back to your alma mater, both through volunteering and financial support. 

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