Support Resources During Coronavirus Pandemic

In response to questions and concerns from our students preparing to enter the nursing workforce as well as from our recent graduates already on the front lines of the pandemic, we’ve invited three individuals with unique perspectives to join us for this podcast series. Our hope is their insight and wisdom will be a source of strength and support for the KCON community.

Listen to the Podcast

Douglas Chambers graduated from Grand Valley’s traditional BSN program in April 2019. He currently works as an emergency department nurse within a large healthcare system in the Detroit area. Douglas has been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic and will provide us with advice for the nursing students preparing to enter the nursing workforce and the recent graduates already entrenched in the delivery of care during the pandemic.

Sergeant First Class, Scott Howard serves as a critical care flight paramedic with the U. S. Army as well as an LPN for Veteran Affairs and a critical care paramedic for Life EMS. He has served in three combat deployments, two in the Middle East and one in Africa.  He will talk with us about how the military prepared him for emergent situations and how he leads teams through high-stakes high-stress situations.

Kathy Hunter is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner providing mental health services through the GVSU Counseling Center and the GVSU Family Health Center. With expertise in trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-care, she will answer questions and offer resources to help with the stresses of our current circumstances.