Happy 50th Anniversary KCON!

THREE visual stories about KCON Laker Nurses!

We surveyed our Laker Alumni Nurses.....

We asked:

  • Where are you now?
  • What does "Laker Nurse" mean to you?
Map of Laker Alumni current location

We surveyed our Laker Alumni Nurses.....

Use one word to describe what a Laker Nurse is to you.....


We are creating some visual stories about our alumni/current Laker Nurses! MUST SEE! Take a 15-minute break to hear this ‘Day in the life of a Nursing Student” video featuring two nurses who attended nursing school FIFTY (50) years ago, and two KCON students finishing their degrees this year. Unbelievable and such interesting differences - fascinating history in nursing! We appreciate the wisdom and experience of our alumni nurses and a peek at the busy lives of our current KCON students. Student life-THEN and NOW!

Nursing student life - THEN and NOW!

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