picture of hands holding a community to represent community advocates

IT Community Advocates


Propose and enact proposals to foster an inclusive, engaged, and productive IT community. This will be done through:

  • Being a voice for the GVSU IT community to raise concerns they are having to the VP of Information Technology and CDO as well as others on the IT Senior Leadership Team. 
  • Be a sounding board for  VP of Information Technology and CDO as well as others on the IT Senior Leadership Team.
  • Fostering engagement in the GVSU IT community through initiatives and events. 
  • Continuously seeking to improve the committee to be more inclusive, transparent and effective at communicating the concerns of IT employees to IT leadership.


Based on representation from the following IT areas: eLearning, IT services, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Applications, IT operations.  One additional member will participate and alternate membership from the following IT roles: Chief Information Security Officer, Data and Analytics, and Senior Director of IT Innovation and Research. 

  • As departments grow, increase membership
  • Membership numbers should be revisited every two years. 
  • Members can be self nominated or nominated by another member from their department. 
  • If a department doesn’t have someone nominated, the director of that department will seek a representative from their team.
  • Committee will have at least one member from the downtown campus. Expand geographic representation as needed.

Current Members

Karen Burchard, IT Services

Heather Hardy, IT Operations

Justin Melick, eLearning Technologies

Chris Voorheis, Security


Term Length

  • 2-year terms starting January 1st.
  • New members recruited by IT leadership in conjunction with IT Community Advocates by October 1st of previous year.
  • New members meet with the existing committee between November-December with a minimum of two meeting times to facilitate a smooth transition.

IT Community Advocates Anonymous Concern Submission Form

If you have a concern that you would like the IT Community Advocate Team to anonymously bring up with the IT leadership team please fill out this form.

IT Community Advocate Team Communications

Spring and Fall all IT events

  • Announce IT updates in person
  • IT mingle, snacks, games, etc...

Biannual updates via email

  • January and July 
  • Inform IT about work the committee has been doing over the past 6 months

Special Initiatives 

  • to be determined by the committee at that time based on feedback from colleagues.