How to Request a New Account

Faculty/Staff Accounts

Active faculty/staff network and email accounts are created automatically and the account details are sent to their respective department coordinator(s) once employment paperwork has been signed, submitted, and processed by Human Resources.

The email is not necessarily sent to the department hiring coordinator(s) - it will be sent to the department email address assigned to hiring and to department hiring coordinator(s), if they are indicated in the Network Authorizations website Administration area. Please contact *Computer Account Authorizations ([email protected]) for more details.

Please note that new GVSU employee accounts will not be created until official employment information has been entered into Banner by Human Resources or Student Employment.

Other Accounts

A request for a new GVSU account is required for the following types of accounts:

  • Temporary Employees
  •  Student Employees
  •  Graduate Assistants
  •  International Visitors
  • Guest Scholars
  • Departmental Accounts
  • Shared Accounts
  • Guest Lab Accounts
  • Contractors

To request a new account, your department coordinator must email *Computer Account Authorizations ([email protected]), with the following information:

  • Preferred First and Last Name
  • G# (if applicable)
  • Department

If the request is for a non-GVSU employee account, please also include:

  • Display Name
  • Requested Username (must be 8 characters or less)
  • Whether account requires Network access, Email access, or both.
  • Reason account is being requested and how it will be used.
  • Account Sponsor’s Name and Email Address (must be a current GVSU faculty/staff member)
  • Date account can be deleted (if applicable)

Once the new account has been created an email will be sent to the requestor and anyone Cc’d on the original email with all necessary login information.

Please email questions to *Computer Account Authorizations ([email protected]).

Page last modified June 4, 2019