Getting Connected Students

How do I Log in to WiFi?

  • Students can access the GV-Student WiFi network on a Mac computer, a Windows computer, or a smart device.
  • GV-Student should appear in your device's list of available available wireless networks when you are on campus.
  • Log in using your GVSU username and password.
  • You may need to accept or trust a wireless certificate to finish connecting after logging in.
  • NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD in order to let someone else log into GV-Student WiFi with your account. You are personally responsible for everything that is done on a device that is connected to the network with your credentials.

What if I cannot log in?

  1. Confirm that your username and password are being entered correctly. If they are, forget the wireless network, restart your device, and try connecting again.
  2. If you are still unable to connect, make sure that you are able to log in to your email or WiFi on another device (like a smart phone).
  3. If necessary, reset your password via or by calling the IT Service Desk at (616) 331-2101.
  4. If you've tried everything listed above and it still won't work, please contact the IT Service Desk either by phone ((616) 331-2101), email ([email protected]), or visit us at 010 Mary Idema Pew Library.

Connecting Smart Devices and Gaming Systems on Campus

  • Students must register certain smart devices (like a smart TV or smart speaker) and gaming devices (like an Xbox or PlayStation) before they can be connected to GV-GameNet.
    • NOTE: Computers and smart phones should be connected to GV-Student WiFi.
  • Devices can be registered by visiting the IT Service Desk's online Self-Service Portal, selecting Register a WiFi Device, and logging in with your GVSU network credentials.
    • NOTE: Do not register devices for other people. You are solely responsible for whatever devices you registered to Grand Valley's network.
  • You will need to know the device's wireless MAC address (sometimes called a physical address) in order to register the device. If you're having trouble finding your device's MAC address, a quick online search will typically give you directions.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your device has been successfully registered.
  • Once your device has been registered you can connect it to the GV-GameNet WiFi, no password required.
  • NOTE: GV-GameNet does not support wireless printers or certain smart devices like Google Chomecasts.
  • If you run into any issues please contact the IT Service Desk at (616) 331-2101 or [email protected].

Off Campus File Access

  • Students can access their GVSU private drive and the GVSU-Labdata drive from a personal computer logging into with your GVSU username and password.
  • If you run into any issues please contact the IT Serivce Desk either by phone ((616) 331-2101), email ([email protected]), or visit us at 010 Mary Idema Pew Library.

Visitor/Guest Wireless Access

  • Temporary guest access is available to all visitors of the University. From your device, connect to the GV-Visitor wireless network and agree to the terms. Once connected you will receive wireless network access for 5 days after which time you will need to reconnect and accept the terms for another 5 days.

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Page last modified November 11, 2021