Standard Departure

If the international scholar departs the program within 30 days before, or 30 days after the end date signified on their DS–2019, it is considered a normal departure.  There is no formal process for exiting the University required by the Padnos International Center or US Immigration.

Early Departure

On rare occasions, it may be necessary for a visiting scholar to depart GVSU earlier than arranged.  If the visiting scholar must depart more than 30 days prior to the program end date, it is extremely important that the scholar notifies the Padnos International Center.  PIC must issue a new DS–2019 that reflects the new early end date of the scholar’s program.  Failure to notify PIC of these changes could result in lengthy restrictions on future J-1 scholar visa requests and other serious consequences.

In these instances please contact:

Libby Jawish, Director of International Student and Scholar Services

[email protected], (616) 331-3898


In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for the hosting department to request an extension for their visiting scholar. Extensions cost nothing to either the host department or the scholar and are processed by Libby Jawish in the Padnos International Center.  No outside application to any government agency is needed. The extension application is submitted by the host department, not the scholar.

A complete extension application will contain the following documents: 

  • Completed J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Extension Request
  • Extension memo from the host department. The memo should be printed on departmental letterhead and contain the following information:

-New end date of the scholar’s program

-How much funding the scholar will receive from the department, if applicable

  • Supplemental funding documentation, if needed

Page last modified April 26, 2024