Campus Resources

Technology and Campus Services

There are many resources that the visiting scholar will need or want to access. The following is a checklist of services and contact information to help implement the services for the visiting scholar. 

  • G-number: Contact Human Resources - 331-2215
  • Network ID, Internet Access, and GVSU Email Account:  Email request to [email protected].   (Specify whether the visitor will be teaching.) 
    • Sample:
    • _____________ is an international guest and will not be receiving pay or teaching. First Name:  _____  Last Name:  _____  Arrival Date: ______________ Account deletion Date: _______________  (same as program end date)  Department hosting the guest: ________________
  • Blackboard Access (if teaching): Please contact your departmental Academic Computing Liaison - 331-2101.
  • Business Cards: If appropriate, please work with the Departmental Secretary.
  • Name in Directory: If appropriate, please work with the Departmental Secretary.
  • Parking Pass: Email Lisa Garringer in Parking Services.  Include reasoning, name, local address and what the person will be doing on campus for the semester.
  • Voice Mail: Please contact the Telecommunications Office- 331-2035.
  • Non-teaching Visitor ID Card: Simply visit the windows on the first floor of the Student Services Building.  The visitor should bring their passport as proof of identity.  Their picture will be taken and they will be issued a GVSU ID card which will allow them to ride the Grand Rapids public buses for free.
  • Faculty ID Badge: Notify Bill Widmaier in Records via email.  Include visiting faculty’s name and request for ID badge with no bar codes. Next, send the visiting faculty over for a photo at the cashier windows in STU. There is a $5 fee.
  • Recreation Center Access: Request passes on GVSU letterhead to Meghan Pynnonen.  The letter must specify the scholar’s purpose at GVSU. Meghan will contact the scholar via email when the ID is ready for pickup.  There is a $20 fee. 
  • Library Access: Email Brian Merry, Sarah Beaubien, and Patrick Roth at the University Library of the name of the visiting faculty member who should receive access to the library. The scholar should then bring a photo ID to the library along with a “3rd Party Temporary Library Resource Access Request”.  The scholar will then be able to check out, reserve books, and use all the databases.


Academic Information

There are many questions that a visiting scholar with teaching responsibilities may have in regards to academics.  The following are frequently asked questions or issues that might arise. 

  • Teaching Assignments: It is the responsibility of the hosting department to notify the academic department and the visiting scholar of their teaching assignment.
  • Course Assignment on Banner: The academic department must contact GVSU Registrar office in order to receive the Course Change Notification Form. This form must be submitted to the Registrar in order to assign the visitor to the course(s).    -Registrar’s Office, (616) 331-3327, [email protected], 150 Student Services Building
  • Blackboard Access: A Blackboard account should automatically be created once a course is assigned in Banner.  If not, contact the Blackboard administrator ([email protected]), and include the visiting scholar’s e-mail address, course(s), and G# - also ask to have a Blackboard account created for the course(s).
  • Textbook Requisition: The department staff hosting the visiting scholar should work with the scholar in order to order textbooks. University Bookstore, (616) 331-2450,
  • Attending Classes at GVSU: Visiting scholars are permitted to take or audit as many classes as they see fit.  However, the scholar will be charged the regular class fee to participate based on the out of state tuition rate.  They should not be allowed to audit courses without paying tuition.


Page last modified February 8, 2022