Student-Centered Advising

Education is a significant investment. Particularly for those who may be the first in their families to attend college, are returning to school after a long time away, are recently returned from military service, are balancing a variety of work-life demands, or who may just not yet be sure how to best chart a course to meet their professional goals, higher education can feel like a maze. We understand what that is like because many of our faculty were once in that same position. We are here because we are dedicated to supporting you. 

We see life experience and tough questions as a strength. And we love working with those who are ready to think outside the box, exploring ways to both build a successful career while enriching their lives. 

Come see what we can build together! Make an appointment to talk with an advisor today. 

Supportive Advisors

We see YOU.

Our department offers dedicated faculty and professional advising to help you define and achieve your educational goals.

Page last modified June 13, 2019