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Winter 2021 Religious Studies Senior Thesis Award

Winter 2021 Religious Studies Senior Thesis Award

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Integrative Studies

The Winter 2021 Religious Studies Senior Thesis award recipient is Ernest McClure for his work titled "The Path to Academic Enlightenment.

Each Fall and Winter, the Religious Studies Program Committee recognizes outstanding senior projects through this award.  The committee was particularly impressed with Ernest's robust research and your sophisticated understanding of the REL discipline. 

Ernest shared a few thoughts:

  • I chose to earn a degree in Religious Studies because it has given me the opportunity to think in a more interdisciplinary and integral way about the world and our place in it. 
    My liberal arts education has taught me to examine ideas and activities from multiple academic points of view. Additionally, by combining multiple disciplines of study, liberal arts has exposed me to a wide range of subjects, which has encouraged me to think critically, conduct research, and organize material effectively. Furthermore, my education has taught me how to think, not what to think. Thus, instead of just memorizing a bunch of facts and then forgetting the information at the end of the semester, I have learned to examine, think and connect ideas in a way that clearly expresses the results of my analysis and evaluation. The valuable skills I have learned over the course of my college career have prepared me for a role in leadership, and they will allow me to pose meaningful questions that will advance the understanding of the history of religion and provide students with the knowledge to create meaningful change in the world. I chose this topic because the intersectionality of race, gender, ethnicity, and generational differences inherent amongst Buddhist peoples has not been explicated enough, at worst it has been overlooked.



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