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2022 Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award: Andrea Riley-Mukavetz

2022 Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award: Andrea Riley-Mukavetz

Faculty Awards Convocation is held each February to honor the outstanding contributions of our faculty. University awards are presented for excellence in teaching in and outside of the classroom, scholarship that advances the professions and helps society, inspiring mentoring to aid our students successfully along their way, and dedicated service to the campus and larger community.

The next Faculty Awards Convocation Ceremony is scheduled for February 8, 2022.


Professor Riley-Mukavetz shares "I have been teaching at GVSU since 2017 and it has been an incredibly enriching experience. For me, this award reflects the meaningful relationships I’ve had with students including the energizing and challenging discussions around cultural competency, social justice issues, and decolonial practices. It’s an honor to be recognized by my colleagues, former students, and the university."

The Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award was established to recognize faculty from across the University whose teaching advances/encourages inclusive excellence within the Grand Valley community. The award is named for the first graduates of color at Grand Valley who completed their studies in 1967: Joan Burch, Annie Jacobs, and James Moore. This award also celebrates the ways in which Grand Valley values inclusiveness as a significant part of the University’s fabric. Below are details about the criteria for the award as well as a description of the supporting materials required for all nominees.


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