Co-Curricular INT 100/201 Event Offerings

Supporting University-Wide Integrative Learning

The Co-Curricular program is an integral part of the INT 100 (Reflect, Connect, Engage) and INT 201 (Diversity in the U.S.) course curriculum.  Both classes serve Grand Valley's General Education Program and are core components of the Integrative Studies major. Searching for appropriate events and programs can be an arduous process, we hope to simply the process for faculty and students alike. The following page has been developed to help with the search process, by listing all  events with the INT 100/201 designations. It is the event organizers' responsibility to post their events(s) on the GVSU Campus Calendar. Links will be provided to events as they are posted. 

Unfortunately changes do occur to events. If event organizers do not let us know of these changes, we are unable to post them to our calendar. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Co-Curricular program enjoys working with organizations, to provide virtual programs and events with the INT 100/201 designation to enhance student growth and support connections between classroom-based learning outcomes and real-life opportunities. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IRIS Department Main Office at (616)331-8020 or via email at

INT 100: Intended Learning Outcomes

INT 100 co-curricular assignments correspond to the Essential Learning Outcomes framework defining the knowledge and skills gained from a liberal education, as established by the AAC&U.

A – Knowledge of Human Cultures & the Physical & Natural World

B – Social Justice & Human Rights

C – Philosophy & Literature

D – Community Engagement/Service Learning

INT 201: Intended Learning Outcomes

INT 201 co-curricular assignments follow an identify development sequence, drawing upon the AAC&U's Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Rubric. 

  1. Location of Self
  2. Awareness and Knowledge of Communities and Identities Different from One's Own
  3. Knowledge and Examination of Structures and Systems that Impact Diverse Populations
  4. Application and Integration of New Knowledge


1/12/2021 - Talk Back Tuesday (Gender & Sexuality) Learning Outcomes: A (INT 100)
                    Recorded version of event

1/20/2021 - Conversations of Color Learning Outcomes: B (INT 100/201)

1/21/2021 - Chief Isaiah McKinnon: Policing from the Inside Learning Outcomes: A, D (INT 100/201)
                   Recorded version of event

1/23/2021 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service and Solidarity Learning Outcomes: B,D (INT 100/201)

1/28/2021 - QPR - Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Learning Outcomes: A,B,C (INT 100)

1/29/2021 - Korematsu Day Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)
                    Recorded version of event

1/29/2021 - The Architecture of Production: Grand Rapids' 19th Century Furniture Factories Learning Outcomes: A (INT 100)
                    Recorded version of event 



2/2/2021 - The Resilience of Black Americans Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/3/2021 - The Art of the People: A Conversation with Shirley Brauker, Jason Quigno, and Jonathan Thunder Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)
                  Recorded version of event

2/3/2021 - Memories from Historic Woodland Park Learning Outcomes: C,D (INT 100/201)
                  Recorded version of event

2/3/2021 - Padnos/Sarosik Civil Discourse Symposium Learning Outcomes: A,C (INT 100/201)
                 Recorded version of event

2/5/2021 - Better or Worse: The impact of prejudice in the classroom at GVSU Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/9/2021 - Talk Back Tuesday (Black Means....OMA) Learning Outcomes: A (INT 100)
                  Recorded version of event

2/10/2021 - How to Talk to your Neighbor Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT100/201)

2/10/2021 - Democracy 101:The 13th Amendment and the Prison Industrial Complex Learning Outcomes: B,D (INT 100/201)

2/11/2021 - Black Masculinity: Stereotypes, Perceived Masculinities and Gender Non-Conformity Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/11/2021 - Masculinity Conference Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/17/2021 - Conversations of Color Learning Outcomes: B (INT 100/201)

2/18/2021 - Bill Barker: Presidents' Day Celebration - Man and Legacy Learning Outcomes: A,C (INT 100/201)

2/19/2021 - Roger That! Conference Learning Outcomes: A,B (INT 100/201)

2/23/2021 - Last Lecture Learning Outcomes: A,B,C (INT 100/201)

2/24/2021 - Slanted: How an Asian American Took on the Supreme Court Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)
                  Recorded version of event 

2/24/2021 - Black-haus-tion Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/24/2021 - Peer Education & Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/24/2021 - Democracy 101: Panel on Gen Z's role in the Black Lives Matter movement and fight Police Brutality Learning Outcomes: B,D (INT 100/201)

2/24/2021 - Constitution, Elections, and Democracy: Presidential Roundtable Discussion with Jeffrey Rosen Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (IN T100/201)

2/25/2021 - Peer Education & Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

2/25/2021 - Anchoring Research Workshop: Information Literacy & Library Research Skills Learning Outcomes: A (INT 100 ONLY)

2/26/2021 - Kelsey Perdue: Local Leadership from Global Experience Learning Outcomes: A,D (INT 100/201)

2/26/2021 - Dialogue Across Difference: The Constitution, Insurrection and Me Learning Outcomes: B (INT 100/201)

2/28/2021 - Food Sovereignty at GVSU Town Hall Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

MARCH 2021

3/1/2021 - Solidarities: White Women and Women of Color's Activism to Secure the Vote Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/3/2021 - Peer Education and Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/4/2021 - Peer Education and Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/5/2021 - Conversations with Asian Americans in Michigan: Voices from the Midwest Writers Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/9/2021 - Talk Back Tuesday (Does Women, mean all Womxn) Learning Outcomes: A (INT100)

3/10/2021 - Politics, Sexual Assault, and Cancel Culture Learning Outcomes: C,D (INT 100/201)

3/9/2021 - Interfaith Leadership Lecture Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/10/2021 -  Democracy 101: History of Intersectional Feminism and the Women's Movement Today Learning Outcomes: B,D (INT 100/201)

3/16/2021 - The Mosaic Lecture Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/17/2021 - Lesser Known Women in West Michigan History roundtable Learning Outcomes: A,B,C (IN T100/201)

3/17/2021 - Conversations of Color Learning Outcomes: B (INT 100/201)

3/18/2021 - David Eisenhower: Eisenhower, Hauenstein, and the Men and Women Who Saved Civilization Learning Outcomes: A,C (INT 100/201)

3/23/2021 - EqualiTEA Learning Outcomes: B,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/24/2021 - Peer Education and Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D) (INT 100/201)

3/24/2021 - Grand Rapids Women & Their Work During the Great War Learning Outcomes: A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/24/2021 - Democracy 101: Women, Leadership, and Power a Living Room Conversation Learning Outcomes: B,D (INT 100/201)

3/25/2021 - Padnos/Sarosik Civil Discourse Symposium - The Global Battle for Truth in the Fake News Era Learning Outcomes A,C (INT 100/201)

3/25/2021 - Peer Education and Prevention (P.E.P.) Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D) (INT 100/201)

3/25/2021 - Transgender Day of Visibility: Keynote by Chelsea Thompto Learning Outcomes A,C,D (INT 100/201)

3/26/2021 - A Decade of Upheaval: Grand Rapids Women and Public Office in the 1910's Learning Outcomes: A,B,C,D (INT 100/201)

APRIL 2021

4/8/2021 - Press Pause: Burnout & Balance Discussion Panel Learning Outcomes: A,B,C (INT 100/201)

4/13/2021 - Talk Back Tuesday (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) Learning Outcomes: A (INT 100)

4/22/2021 - H.W. Brands: The Zealot and The Emancipator Learning Outcomes: A,C (INT 100/201)

4/29/2021 - Peter C. Cook Leadership Graduation: President Philomena V. Mantella Leadership Outcomes: A,C