IPE Career Exploration

Welcome to the Virtual IPE Career Exploration page!

Below you will find some excellent presentations from GVSU students that include information related to their backgrounds and why they choose their educational programs at Grand Valley.

In addition, they will talk about the importance of Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaborative Care within their career field, why it matters, and how it ultimately benefits patients and patient care.

Please enjoy these videos and thank you for your interest in our programs at GVSU!

IPE Career Exploration - Recreational Therapy

In this video you will meet Krista Davis  and Yazmine Schultz (both seniors in the Recreational Therapy program) and learn about their road to landing in their desired career programs, and then talk about how an Interprofessional treatment team can help patients move through the stages of Disability Acceptance!

Interprofessionalism in the Careers of Athletic Training and Public Health

Welcome GVSU students Andrew Lowe (Athletic Training), Alexia Tsakiris (Athletic Training), and Jessica Cummins (Public Health) as they talk about their career path's towards their chosen profession as well as the importance of interprofessionalism in the delivery of quality care to patients!

An Interprofessional Exploration in to Recreational Therapy

I would like to introduce Brennan Carroll and Amanda Woods, both nontraditional Rec Therapy students here at GVSU! Learn about their backgrounds and how they ended up in their respective programs at GVSU!

A Look Into PT and Pre-PA Pathways

Watch this exciting presentation by Maria Martuch Robison (3rd year GVSU PT Program) and Lauren Parlette (Junior, Pre-PA studies) as they discuss their backgrounds and how they choose their respective career paths!

IPE Career Exploration - Recreational Therapy

Join Madeline Taylor (Junior Rec Therapy) and Kaylee Ray (Junior Rec Therapy) discuss their path to GVSU and the programs they are pursuing! Madeline and Kaylee are both transfer students, so their journey may resonate with those students who are looking to transfer to GVSU or are thinking about starting a local community college. Enjoy!

Recreational Therapy and Interprofessionalism

Welcome Andrea Valdes Flores (Junior Rec Therapy Student) and Jeff Baldwin (nontraditional Rec Therapy Student, military veteran) discuss the reasons they choose Grand Valley, motivations for choosing the Recreational Therapy program, and how Interprofessionalism can enhance patient care.