K12 Cybersecurity Outreach

Do you need help with your K12 cybersecurity curriculum, or want cybersecurity representation at your K12 event? Contact us today!

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Stem nights and school visits

Cybersecurity awareness is important even for younger ages! We are happy to come to STEM nights and other K12 sponsored events to talk to students about cybersecurity and cyber safety. We have fun activities for elementary school aged children to demonstrate concepts including cryptography, and binary coding of data. For older students, we have more advanced cryptography activities, as well as hands on cybersecurity activities on a mobile cyber range platform.

We are also happy to make classroom visits to local high schools to talk about GVSU's cybersecurity program as well as career opportunities in cybersecurity.

GVSU Volunteers at Coopersville STEM night

Cybersecurity curriculum assistance

We recognize the critical importance of equipping today's students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital world. We seek to collaborate with passionate teachers and educators to achieve this goal. We aim to create engaging learning experiences in cybersecurity, catering to middle and high school students. To collaborate in learning experiences that integrate cybersecurity, we can share pre-made cybersecurity activities, as well as help plan new cybersecurity learning modules and in-class cybersecurity activities to meet the needs of your classes. We can provide pre-made activities and lesson plans on several cybersecurity topics including cybersecurity concepts, cybersecurity principles, cryptography, social engineering, Linux, computer networking, and ethics. 

Caesar Cipher Practice Example

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