Upperclassmen Housing Options

We invest in our students' success by investing in some of the newest and most inviting living centers in Michigan. We've built exceptional housing so that you can build lasting friendships, personal character, and have a highly rewarding college experience. Whether you choose to live in Allendale or Grand Rapids, you have a variety of inspiring housing options.

Returning, Incoming Transfer & Graduate Student Housing Options

One of the advantages of choosing to live on campus after your freshman year, as a transfer student, or graduate student is the greater number of housing options available. Our on-campus apartments are perfect ways to live independently but still enjoy the convenience of campus and attachment to student life. Whether you choose to live in Allendale or Grand Rapids, you have a variety of inspiring housing options.

Interested in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Research shows that living in an academically focused community has a strong effect on student learning and achievement as students in LLCs connect more intentionally and naturally with peers, faculty members, and staff members. Grand Valley has a variety of living-learning communities in Allendale and Grand Rapids, each with different interest areas and themes. Visit the Living-Learning Communities page to learn more. It is not a requirement to be part of a living-learning community to live on-campus in downtown Grand Rapids.

South Campus - Allendale

South Campus is home to all of our on-campus apartment buildings and the Calder Residence. Upperclass and transfer students primarily live on south campus, but some first-year students live here in Living-Learning Communities. 

Niemeyer East/West

Niemeyer East and West are located in the Honors College building near the Calder Art Center. These fully furnished and air-conditioned efficiency, 2-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments are reserved for first-year and returning Honors College students but students from all majors and colleges can live in the building. 

Murray & VanSteeland Apartments

Murray & VanSteeland offer fully furnished and air-conditioned 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments for first-year and returning/transfer students. VanSteeland is home to the Gender Justice House. 

Laker Village Apartments

Laker Village Apartments offer fully furnished efficiency, 2-bedroom (A.C.), and 4-bedroom (A.C.) townhouse-style apartments for returning and transfer students, and some first-year students. Laker Village is also home to many student-athletes and the International House. 

South C, D, & E Apartments

South Apartments C, D, and E offer fully furnished and air-conditioned 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments for returning/transfer students and some first-year students. These buildings offer the newest and most updated facilities on South campus. 

Grand Valley Apartments

Grand Valley Apartments are fully furnished 2-bedroom apartments reserved for returning and transfer students. These are the most affordable option on South campus. 

Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities offer a more in-depth academic experience while living on campus. These communities are located all around campus and the amenities in each will vary based on the building. 

Pew Campus - Grand Rapids/Off-Campus

The Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus is home to the Seidman College of Business, the engineering program, and many other interdisciplinary and disciplinary studies. Grand Valley has many options for convenient downtown on-campus living for students from their first year through graduation, including four dedicated downtown living-learning communities. It is not a requirement to be part of a living-learning community to live on-campus downtown.

Winter Hall

Winter Hall offers fully furnished efficiency and 2-bedroom apartments for first-year, transfer, and returning students. Winter Hall is home to the Social Work, Engineering, Seidman Business, and Momentum House Living-Learning Communities. 

Secchia Hall

Secchia Hall offers fully furnished 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments for first-year, transfer, and returning students.


Off-Campus Options

These options are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Grand Valley Housing & Residence Life

Efficiency vs. On-Campus Apartment

Efficiency Units

Efficiency units are single-room units with a bathroom. These units have a loft-style kitchenette and living/bedroom space that are not separate. There are a limited number of efficiency units on campus and they are typically reserved fast. These units offer:

  • Private kitchenette with small appliances
  • Private bathroom
  • One student in each unit

Efficiency units are limited and located in the following buildings:

  • Niemeyer East/West (Air-conditioned)
  • Calder Residence
  • Laker Village 
  • Winter Hall (Air-conditioned)


Apartment-style living centers are located on North Campus for first-year students, and on the Pew Campus for returning & transfer students or first-year students in Living-Learning Communities. Apartment-style means a traditional dorm-style room with additional amenities. Apartment-style units contain the following:

  • Private bathroom for the apartment
  • Private kitchen space for the apartment with small appliances
  • Private bedrooms (Only in two-bedroom apartments)

Apartment-style living centers:

  • North C., Hills, Frey (1-bedroom)
  • Weed, Hoobler, Ott, Johnson (2-bedroom)
  • Winter Hall (Downtown, 2-bedroom)

On-Campus Apartments

On-campus apartments are fully furnished apartment buildings located on the Allendale campus that are owned and operated by the university. On-campus apartments primarily house returning & transfer students, but first-year students live in these buildings if they are a part of a Living-Learning Community. On-campus apartments include the following:

  • Private bathroom(s)
  • Private kitchen with full-size appliances (Refrigerator, stove, sink, and a dishwasher in some options)
  • Private bedrooms with closets for each student
  • Shared living space (Private living space in 1-bedroom units)

On-Campus Apartments:

  • Niemeyer East/West
  • Murray Living Center
  • VanSteeland Living Center
  • Grand Valley Apartments
  • South Apartments C/D/E (No Air-conditioning)
  • Laker Village Apartments North/South
  • Secchia Hall

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