Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

Students in Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) expand their education through shared learning experiences and experiential learning. Students have many opportunities to engage in hands-on learning through experiences that extend beyond the classroom with professionals in a variety of fields. Research shows that living in an academically focused community has a strong effect on student learning and achievement as students in LLCs connect more intentionally and naturally with peers, faculty members, and staff members. Grand Valley has a variety of living-learning communities, each with different interest areas and themes. It is not a requirement to be part of a living-learning community to live on-campus.

Our Living Learning Communities

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Our Living Learning Communities

Image of students creating art

Art Housing

WHO IT IS FOR: Art Majors
WHERE IT IS LOCATED: Calder Art Residence

  • Students live in the Calder Residence Center, which is exclusive to GVSU art students.
  • Located next to the Calder Art Academic Complex, which is equipped with a print studio, graphic design computer labs, a painting studio, study workspaces, an art gallery, and kilns.
  • Efficiency apartments for 48 residents.

Visit the  Art and Design website or call (616) 331-3486 for questions or details.

Image of students in the honors college

Frederik Meijer Honors College

WHO IT IS FOR: GVSU Honors College Students
WHERE IT IS LOCATED:  Glenn A. Niemeyer Learning and Living Center (on-campus apartment-style housing), Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center (cluster-style housing)

  • The Honors College offers a vibrant learning community and extraordinary opportunities for academically motivated students.  
  • Provides the liberal arts college traditions with the resources, facilities, and affordability of a major state university.
  • Live in one of several unique living centers on the Allendale campus.
  • Offers a distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum with both learning and extracurricular opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Visit the Honors College website for details.

Call (616) 331-3219 or email for questions about the Honors College and the community.

Image of students in the gender justice house

Gender Justice House

WHO IT IS FOR: Students interested in social justice; women, gender, and sexuality studies, LGBTQ+ studies, service-learning; and campus leadership
WHERE IT IS LOCATED:  VanSteeland Living Center, which is on-campus apartment-style housing

  • Students live in gender-inclusive, apartment-style housing on the southern side of campus.
  • Helps students gain an understanding of their positionality, privilege, and personal identity.
  • Develops an awareness of social justice and inclusion issues.
  • Students build lasting social networks by connecting with upper-class peer mentors, faculty members, and staff members.

For more information, please contact the Gender Justice House Faculty Director, Marilyn Preston at (616) 331-8149 or by email. 

Students in the international house

International House

WHO IT IS FOR: Undergraduate students majoring or minoring in international relations, political science, international business, area and global studies, or modern languages, and international students studying at Grand Valley
WHERE IT IS LOCATED:  Laker Village Apartments, which are on-campus apartment-style living centers

  • Students live in apartment-style housing on the southern side of campus.
  • A supportive residential environment for students with a strong interest in international affairs.
  • Out-of-class programming with an emphasis on international relations.
  • Additional support includes faculty advising, career planning, study skills, and social activities.
  • To learn more about language clubs and activities at GVSU, contact the Modern Languages Department

For more information, contact the International House Faculty Director, Mayra Fortes Gonzalez at (616) 331-3804 or by email.

Students monitoring health and fitness

Health, Wellness, and Movement House

WHO IT IS FOR: Any and all students spanning the University that are invested in learning, living, or supporting a healthy and active lifestyle together.   
WHERE IT IS LOCATED: Pine Living Center, which is an on-campus suite-style living center.

  • Participate in programs focused on health and wellness (speakers, socials, service learning, field trips).
  • Connect with peers and peer mentors 
  • Interact on a personal level with faculty and staff specializing in health and wellness 
  • Experience the diverse perspectives, activities, and beliefs of people with similar interests but varied backgrounds and personal insights 
  • Increased access to Recreation & Wellness programs including, discounts, on-site services such as group exercise classes, wellness coaching, and drop-in events like recreational activities and outdoor adventures.
  • Learn more about the Health, Wellness, and Movement House.

If you have questions, contact the Health, Wellness, and Movement House Faculty Director, Dr. Brian Hatzel at (616) 331-8538 or by email.

Students in wise courses

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

WHO IT IS FOR: Female students majoring in science, engineering, and/or math
WHERE IT IS LOCATED: South Apartments C, which is on-campus apartment-style living centers

  • A living-learning community located in South Apartments C, one of Grand Valley's newest apartment-style living centers.
  • WISE residents have opportunities to network, study together, meet upper-class science majors and faculty members, and attend events related to their future careers in the sciences. 
  • Offers faculty office hours, group study hours facilitated by junior and senior science majors, advising, monthly social and academic events, and field trips.

If you have questions, contact WISE Faculty Director, Dr. Jessica Vandenplas at (616) 331-3808 or by email.

Students in Engineering

Engineering Living-Learning Community

WHO IT IS FOR: All Engineering Majors
WHERE IT IS LOCATED: Maple Living Center, which is on-campus suite-style housing on the Allendale campus

  • The Engineering Living-Learning Community is located in Maple Living Center.
  • Students benefit from academic, social, and professional development activities with engineering faculty and students.
  • Visit the School of Engineering homepage.

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