Living On Campus

Living on campus in Allendale or Grand Rapids gives you opportunities and advantages that can make your college experience more memorable, more enjoyable, and more successful. The Residence Life program at Grand Valley State University provides students with an opportunity to live independently in a supportive environment. The design of our residential communities is intentional, promoting community and campus involvement, and also contributing to friendships that will last a lifetime. Our staff focuses on the development of our residents, helping them become contributing members of a global society.

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Research shows that living in an academically focused community has a strong effect on student learning and achievement as students in LLCs connect more intentionally and naturally with peers, faculty members, and staff members. Grand Valley has a variety of living-learning communities in Allendale and Grand Rapids, each with different interest areas and themes. Visit the Living-Learning Communities page to learn more. It is not a requirement to be part of a living-learning community to live on-campus in downtown Grand Rapids.

Page last modified May 17, 2022